A Guide To Duty Free Shopping: Bangkok, Dubai , Muscat & Kuwait


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My previous post  here was very well received by all of you.Here I am with the second post as promised.Again I would like to mention that airports change layouts very frequently and terminals are different for different airline.The pic below is a picture of the Dubai Duty Free.

duty free shopping guide part 2

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Duty Free Shopping:-

Say sawadeeka (hello in thai) to huge shopping hauls here!BAngkok airport is a shoppers paradise. Perfumes and Swaroski  jewellery is available at great prices.Again if you wanna buy cosmetics,stick to higher end brands rather than drugstore,unless its a drugstore product that is not available in India. Thai Bhat has a decent conversion rate i,e 1 rupee =1.8 THB. Its a relief from the crazy conversion rate. A word of advice: Always ,Always buy your makeup and beauty items from duty free or the bigger malls as fakes are rampant in Bangkok. You can pretty much buy whatever you fancy from this airport as the conversion rate wont kill you!

Dubai International Airport: This airport is an opulent airport which showcases the opulent lifestyles of the Arabs! The emirates terminal has a fab duty free as does the terminal for other airlines. Keep plenty of time in hand as it is HUUUUUUGGGGEEEE. Airports in the middle east sell a lot of travel exclusive sets like a set of 6 Loreal lipsticks or 9 Revlon lippies. These sets are good as they work out very very cheap and are great for gifting as well. Emirates sells a lot of merchandise here such a aircraft models and mugs and T shirts. One cute thing that is worth getting are coasters which look like mini flying carpets a-la -alladin. Dubai airport rocks for high end beauty products and again the conversion rate wont kill you. Avoid buying Gold at Dubai airport as most of it is branded and you will not good deals.To get the real gold stuff that Dubai is so famous for,one needs to visit Gold Souk where all traditional jewelers have their shops. Lots of food options at this airport so even if you have a long wait ,you can sample local as well as international cuisine.And if you have an airplane model loving kid or husband(as it is in my case.. being a pilot he loves his aircraft models.. sometimes I feel he loves them more than me lol)this is the place to indulge in all your fancies as the models retail around 60 AED which is roughly 800 bucks or so which is a good deal for official merchandise and good quality models. Dates are another thing that you can pick up from this airport .

Airports in the middle east -Duty Free Shopping:-

Muscat: Conversion rate : one Omani Riyal is equal to 142 INR!!!Still wanna shop?I didn’t think so . Although if you must shop, get the attars. I am not an attar fan but I had some colleagues who loved it.

Kuwait: The conversion rate will put anyone off shopping from Kuwait!192 rupees to 1KWD.Once i got to know about the conversion rate, I wouldn’t carry cash or card with me when we went for a stroll around the airport in our halts.

Duty free shopping on board the aircraft:-

The first thing I do when I board an aircraft is see the duty free shopping catalog.The deals for makeup kits are fab and its something you will not get see anywhere else. The kits by Christian Dior or Lancome are made exclusively for the airlines and you cannot find them on ground. Loccitane usually has its best selling hand creams in one compact kit. Or if fine jewellery is your thing..the deals for those are also fantastic, The downside is you cannot try anything as no testers are  not uplifted in the stock. Alcohol and tobacco deals are good too but its the travel kits you should look at !

Hope you enjoyed this article as much as you liked the previous one!

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  1. Muscat and Kuwait OMG!!!!!!! 😮 😮 😯 m shocked! but yeah i wud love to get a job there and shop from US 😀 thanks once again for your pointers!

  2. Muscat and Kuwait OMG!!!!!!! 😮 😮 😯 m shocked! but yeah i wud love to get a job there and shop from US 😀 thanks once again for your pointers! very helpful!

  3. Pari my hubby still flies… and the other day he had a nite stop in kuwait.. he had to buy biryani which cost him 4 KWD roughly 800 bucks!!

  4. shweta i found boujois and few other sets also on the Delhi Airport but i was scared that i will end up with wrong shades so i didn’t buy them..now i am regretting it.

    • Hehe..I wud have still gone bonkers picked the up…even if instead of using I’d hav prob just switched n swatched n admired..

  5. Shweta, again such a useful post :yes: for those who are lucky to go to such places. :-((
    Hey Bhagwan :pray: :pray: when wil I get such opportunity :worship: :-/ :-/

  6. Oh wow! I honestly never knew airports were so much funnn (thanks to the boring chennai n cochin airports :-P) Fab post shwetha :yes:

  7. Naf u wont believe it but i actually like airport ahopping more!! Hehhe my husban thinks im crazy when i accompny him on his flights at times tht i go three hrs early jut to roam at duty free .. N usually its nt restricted to roaming but bringing back lots of shopping bags as well

      • even when i used to fly at singapore i had to go Charles n keith… the one time i flew with my then bf (now hubby) i told him crry my flt bag im coming… he gave me such a look lol …

  8. I noticed that shops at Bkk airport arrivals had good discounts! Clinique travel kits at 20-30 per cent off. I did not buy as I was groggy from the flight and didn’t want to finish all my money before I even got out of d airport. I really kicked myself for not buying…. as I did not find those discounts anywhere else 😥

    This tome when I go I will keep an eye out ( and my money) ready!

    • Shwetha- Again another tempting post… I wanna go and stay there and shop till i m so so so tired to walk next pit… Mummmy…………. 🙁 😥 😥 😥 😛 😛 Main kab jaunge… :-((


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