A Manicure For Your Engagement Ring


When you first receive a proposal and an engagement ring from your man, your mind will likely start racing as you consider just what you should do first. In addition to calling close friends and family with the exciting news and celebrating on your own, you will likely feel a strong desire to show off your new rock as soon as you get a chance. In fact, you may not have a choice in the matter as those close to you will likely start demanding pictures!

engagement ring

To some extent of course,quality engagement rings show themselves off without needing a whole lot of help. And, for those to whom you really want to show your ring right away, you can take simple pictures and send them the very night you become engaged. However, for the coming days and weeks you will certainly be excited to show off your ring in the best possible way, and if you’re like most women, this means rushing out to get your nails done! With that in mind, here are a few simple tips for your post-proposal nail treatment that can help you to show off your ring.

Keep Nails Short & Simple

When you set about filing your nails for your post-proposal manicure, try to avoid anything that draws too much attention to the nails. This means keeping your nails short and filing them to square or slightly rounded shapes. You want your hands to look nice – because they’re all your friends will be looking at for a while once you’re engaged! – but you don’t want to distract from the main attraction with long, loud nails.

Use Light Polish Tones

For much the same reason that it may be a good idea to keep your nails on the short side, you may also want to consider lighter, softer nail polish tones (as opposed to deep reds or bright colours). Colours such as light pinks, nudes, or even beige can keep your hands looking polished and beautiful without calling attention away from your beautiful new ring. Kate Middleton – whose sapphire engagement ring is likely among the most photographed engagement pieces in history – offers a perfect example of how effective this strategy can be.

Let The Top Coat Shine

So long as you keep your nails somewhat subtle in terms of colour and length, it is still a great idea to apply a shinier top coat as a finishing touch. No top coat will be so shiny as to draw attention away from your ring – but it may actually help to compliment the sparkle of your ring’s stone, be it diamond or something else. This can be a great finishing touch to top off a classy and beautiful manicure to go with your dream ring.