A Perfect Night Skin Care Routine For Flawless Skin


Hello everyone!

Continuing with my yesterday skin care post I am going to talk about Night skin care routine which I believe is more important than the morning skin care routine.I believe that a good night care regime can prevent premature aging . improve skin colour , reduce skin blemishes and also keep your skin hydrated.

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A perfect Night Care routine includes the following:-

  • Facial Cleansing – Use a good quality cleanser to clean your face.It is great if you use warm water to wash your face and then use the cleanser.Warm water opens up the pores and all the dirt which gets trapped in the pours gets released. With a good cleanser you cleanse your whole face and then wash off the entire residue. Cleanser helps in getting rid off all the dirt from the skin as well. I so want to try out  Philosophy Purity Made Simple 3 in 1 Cleanser its one of the most talked about cleansers but sadly its not available in India.


Perfect night skin care regime



  • Toner – Use an alcohol free toner.It helps in restoring the Ph of the skin. Spray some toner over the cotton ball and gently pat the toner over your skin.This step will be beneficial for all those who have open pores problem.
  • Eye Cream– After the above two steps applying eye cream should be the next step. Area around the eye has no oil glands and this is the reason you will never see oil around that area. Gently applying eye cream around the eye reduces the puffiness from the skin and keep your dark circles from further darkening. I recommend Wunder under eye cream   and Lush Enchanted eye cream here.
  • Moisturiser - Use your favourite moisturiser which will soothe your skin. Moisturiser should depend upon your skin type .A good moisturiser helps in soothing and rejuvenating the skin .I even like mixing rose water with bit of glycerin and applying it on my face.I presently use Burt bees 
  • Serum – Apply serum after  the moisturizer it gives smoother and softer skin.
  • Lip Care  – Complete the regime by applying a lip balm so that you get up with smooth and soft lips next day.

Above regime looks like lot but won’t take more than fifteen minutes. I try to follow the regime every single day now. When I go out for movie watching or for dinner or in late night parties I don’t feel like doing all this. All I use is a makeup wipes and wash my face and go off to sleep but I try not to do this often .Facial wipes can not deep cleanse your skin thoroughly but something is better than nothing.

What is your Night Skin Care Regime? Don’t forget to tell me your favourite  skin care products to be used at night below:-

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  1. You mentioned that , there are no oil glands around eye area..yet most of the times, my around eye area seems oily ! I dont know why ! I usually cover up it with compact powder.
    And also I have got really dark circle around my eyes, tried using Garnier,biotique,Aroma Magic and recently Himalaya’s under eye cream..None of these ever worked for me though ! So thinking of trying Wunder under eye cream and Lush Enchanted eye cream as you mentioned !! And Yes, I do sleep for more than 9 hrs 🙂

    • Hi Tiny,

      I have never experienced oil around my eye area and as far as dark circles are concerned read my yesterday post on skin care.If you have genetic dark circles they can not be removed you can just maintain them ..getting rid of them is quite difficult. Atleast this is what my experience says.

  2. I have started with all the steps you mentioned , except serum and lip balm.

    I’m 22 , do you think I need to start using a serum now , if yes then which one ?

  3. Tiny.., Ana is right! I have genetic dark circles and i have made peace with the fact that they will never go away! Wht u can actually do is look after the area n keep it hydrated so the dark circles dont look more pronounced and use a good anti ageing cream to delay onset on lines n wrinkles! Concealer is ur best friend and wunder eye cream works wonders! I am on my third tube

  4. Hi everyone,

    Thanks for the great post. I have been using a cream at night called Clearz Max suggested by a dermo some time back. Though I want to shift my night skin care regime and now this post sorts it all .
    Just wanted to ask what are you referring to as a serum. Can you suggest some? I am 27 with combination skin.
    Ans where do i buy wunder eye cream from?( I stay in Ahmedabad)

  5. Nice article, I use alba botanica cleanser, votre under eye cream, with alba botanica sea kelp toner, olay white radiance serum, and alba botanica sea lipid cream. these days.A skin care routine when followed religiously really does wonder, I feel too. One thing I would love to say ki, after toner, serum should be applied because they are fast penetrating product with very small size, and can penetrate several layers of skin, then it should be followed with eye cream and moisturiser. If one uses moisturiser first, and thn serum, then serum wont be able to penetrate properly. as moisturiser have bigger molecules and will hinder penetration of serum properly.

    • You have a point that serum will penetrate more after the toner but they are quite light in texture so I don’t mind using them after moisturiser..They get easily soaked in by the skin but after applying Serum does moisturiser penetrates easily ?

      • I don’t think that will be an Issue, as the serum do get absorbed completely without forming a layer over the skin, which may keep the absorption of moisturizer.

  6. I make sure I clean up my face before sleeping. I dont miss my lip balm.. rest all I hardly do. I will be so damn tired to drop my self to sleep.
    I salute to u for being so specific in all thee things u do.. 🙂

  7. From where did you get the Burt’s Bee Radiance Night Cream Ana? Available online? And is it reviewed on Wiseshe?

  8. Its’ reviewed on wise she Bidisha and i have given the link above . I got it from abroad ..Sadly its not available here 🙁

  9. love such posts! nice one ana :yes: I follow these too except eye cream. Still unsure if i need on. Btw howz the lakme serum? Can it be used under makeup as a base? I’m tired of moisturizers makin my skin greasy :sweat:


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