A Quick Guide To The Perfect Vacation Hair This Spring


A Quick Guide To The Perfect Vacation Hair This Spring

As the snow melts away after a long winter season and the signs of spring have arrived, it is time to roll over, pack your bag and fly out for a holiday, and there’s no better time to try out boho chic hairstyle to match your good mood and getting ready for your spring holiday. We have compiled some easy breezy, time saving hairstyle to complete your perfect vacation this spring.

Architectural Bob

hairstyles For Thin Hair -A LINE BOB

This sexy and edgy look is perfect for people who want a dramatic, short style but are not ready to commit to a typical pixie. Easy to manager during fun holiday and not at all time consuming is top favorite of most of hotties for a perfect holiday season.

The French Girl Fringe

emma stone fringee

This is perfect for those who want to make a change but still keep their length. Easy to manage, simple, elegant yet boho look enhance the dimension of your face. it goes well for all face cut and is one of the most sought after hair cut for a holiday season.

Asymmetrical Pixie

Must Try Gorgeous Hair Styles For Short And Thin Hair -PIXIE WITH WAVES

The pixie cut is as it fullest this spring season, with the hair longer in the front and to one side. It is edgy, more soft and feminine. This cut can be styled with texture and body, like how Lily Collins wears it or more polished and straight. . It looks super sophisticated and will accentuate the angles in your face.

Off Littler Lob


All face shapes could rock this hairstyle. Try more forward bangs of you have an oval shaped face. Thin to thick hair that is easy to flat iron would work best. Don’t forget to give your hair a break from flat ironing or the dryer. Too much heat will dry out and damage your strands.

The deep side part


The deep side part is a great way to refresh a familiar look, by parting your hair an inch or so further down than usual, you’ll get a totally different look. It’s one of those rare runway beauty looks that is 100% ready to wear on a perfect spring holiday.

Chic Long Bob

emma stone beautiful hairstyles

This is simply no-fuss, shoulder-grazing look. It’s a little bit layered, a little bit tousled, and completely chic. It is seemingly effortless and your locks just fall in perfectly undone waves with a little help. Just brush your hair to make the curls a little less defined and then Starting two inches from the bottom of your hair, use a flat iron and pull the ends stick straight. There should be a wave that meets a nice, clean end and you are done.

Which one these hairstyles do you like most?

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