A Simple Nail Art Using Nails Gone Bling Nail Stickers



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A Simple Nail Art Using Nails Gone Bling Nail Stickers

Hello ladies,

Along with the eye shadows our makeup Santa sent me these gorgeous looking nail stickers which made my Diwali look more blingy.

I used these on this Diwali and my nails really looked very pretty.


Nails Gone Bling Sticker


I was not able to find the price and other details of this product.

Directions for using it:


Nails Gone Bling Sticker how to use


My experience with the Nails gone Bling Nail Stickers:

They come in a very simple packaging as it is visible in the picture. The quality of the sticker is very thin and it tends to torn if not pulled carefully. There are 18 numbers of stickers in total with different sizes, applicable for all fingers.


Nails Gone Bling nail Sticker


I have applied my black Maybelline Color show nail polish beneath the stickers and the pink colored hearts are looking lovely on it.

The staying power is bad and the stickers start chipping the very next day. Even during removal the print sticks on the nail polish which tends to rubbing it rigorously with remover dipped cotton.


Nails Gone Bling Nail Sticker art


Apart from its bad quality and staying power they can be applied for a special occasion because they give really a special effect to the nails and also are very easy to use.


Nails Gone Bling NailSticker nail art


Hope you gals liked my nail art.

Have you tried Nails Gone Bling Nail Stickers?

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