Aalo matar pulao/Potato and peas rice with Ganesh Chaturthi puja and more

This is the first time I am celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi and I am enjoying it so much.In our building a big statue of Ganpati baba has been placed.Every day prayers are done in morning and evening . All flat mates come together and do the aarthi. We have dinner there only and every women from one household prepare some thing .
So since three days I have tasted all the delicious south Indian dishes 😀 .I ask the woman to place 1 tpsp. of every thing in my plate so that I can taste each and every thing.In these three days I have tried coconut rice, lemon rice, Olan, Tomato rasam, and got to know many south Indian vegetarian recipes.
If you are in north and you think you have tasted South Indian then you are sadly mistaken.Actual South Indian food is quiet different than what is served to us in North.When they asked me to cook some thing I happily went ahead and said that I will cook all the three days and my recipes were:-
Cucumber raita on first day , aalo matar pulao on the second day and koftas on the third day:).When I came back I was horrified thinking how much I will have to cook for this but I so enjoyed cooking all the recipes because every one loved it :).Today is the last day and I am going to miss all this.:(
Yesterday I made aalo matar pula and it turned out great.Every one came and asked me for the recipe.I was really happy.So now I know that I am not a bad cook at all 😉

So here goes my pulao recipe:-

Method and Preparation:-Half an hour


1 cup basmati rice(You can use any rice of you choice)
2 medium sized potatoes
half cup peas(frozen, if you don’t have frozen then boil them separately)
2 medium sized onion diced
1 cup tomato puree(I took around 2 medium size tomatoes)
1 cup water

1/4 tsp garam masala
1tbsp. ghee (or oil)
Salt to taste

Masala for the rice
3tbsp. grated coconut
4-5 dry red chillies(This is mandatory for me.You can use less if you want)
1 small onion
1tbso roasted chana dal

1tsp corainder powder
1 diced tomato
Grind all the masala ingredient and do not add water.You can add few cloves of garlic also if you want.

Method and Preparation:-
Step1-Boil potatoes like you usually do.I require 3-4 whistle in hard water you might require less. Peel when the potatoes gets cool and and set them aside.Also, soak rice for around 30 minutes in water.
Step2-Take a pressure cooker and heat ghee in it.Add above masala, mustard seeds and fry it for few seconds.
Step3-Add onion and fry till they turn golden brownish in color.
Step4-Add cubed potatoes, ground nut, frozen peas.Fry again for about 2-3 minutes and then add the tomato puree and water.Add salt and bring it to a boil
Step5-Add rice into the mixture.Water should be double the quantity of rice.Pressure cook for 2-3 whistles which will take about 7-8 minutes I guess and you are done.

Garnish with fried cashew nuts if you want and serve hot

It is believed that Lord Ganesh brings success, peace and prosperity.It also helps in removing all the problems and obstacle from life.Protects the family from evils and bless every one in the family to never face the situation of being without money.
Lord Ganesha is the master of knowledge and achievement and remove all hindrances from life.
” Om Shri Ganeshaya Namah..!” 

A very happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all wise she readers 🙂 


  1. ha ha..its fun..Tanz..i cooked around 1 kg of rice..by the way don u call friends at home for dinner..they must be times when u hve 5-6 friends for dinner na?
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  2. Rachana. i didnt cook every thing..just a dish..every one made something or other therefore there were 15 dishes .
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