Aarthi Agarwal Dies After Liposuction- Desire For Perfection Claims A Life


Aarthi Agarwal Dies After Liposuction – Desire For Perfection Claims A Life

We woke up to a bad news today, not that there is no bad news regularly but this one is something that people don’t usually think about. An actress died after getting a liposuction. Can anyone even imagine it? An innocuous sounding surgery for fat reduction caused death.

Aarti Agarwal

The actress in question, Aarthi Agarwal was born in New Jersey, US. She worked in Telugu movies primarily though she made her debut in a Hindi film ‘Paagalpan’ when she was just 16. The movie didn’t work and she was not seen in Hindi cinema again.

Aarthi’s Tragic Death

There was news of her attempting suicide a few years ago and it could have been due to troubles in her career or in personal life. She gained a lot of weight but she was working in Telugu films continuously and then all of a sudden she was required to lose weight. Aarthi weighed almost 90 kilograms when she was asked to shed all the flab for a movie called ‘Junction lo Jayamalini’. She worked hard and came down to 63 kg but that was probably not enough for the people associated with the movie. She was asked to reduce another 3 kilos. I am sure that she must have felt disheartened and decided to get rid of the 3 kilos quickly.

She went for a liposuction at a hospital in New Jersey 6 weeks back. After the surgery Aarthi started having respiratory issues and had a cardiac arrest on June 6. She was brought to hospital and was declared dead on arrival.

actress aarthi agarwal dies

Now who is responsible for the death of the 31 year old? Obviously it will be said that the surgery went wrong and claimed her life. This is true and the hospital is responsible but don’t you think that even the film industry is responsible for this untimely death.

An actress who didn’t have a really thriving career and also went through a divorce might be having a lot to deal with. She was asked to reduce her weight for a film and she agreed to that. Though her 90 kilos were not exactly healthy, she brought it down to 63 kilos. Even this couldn’t satisfy the producers and she might have become desperate. Just think of the pressure on Aarthi! The last 3 kg took her life.

Aarthi Agarwal’s Film Career

aarthi agarwal death liposuction

Aarthi started out with a Hindi film and then moved to Telugu film industry. She worked in about 20 movies between 2001 and 2009. After that she was not seen in movies for almost 6 years. Her ‘Ranam 2’ released this year and there was one more movie ‘Operation Green Hunt’ slated for release this year. ‘Junction lo Jayamalini’ was to go on floors by the end of June but this movie took her life and we will not see Aarthi anymore.

The ‘Thin’ Debate

We see beautiful, svelte models and actresses in showbiz but it is not easy to achieve that body; maintenance is even tougher. There is nothing wrong in being thin but you should be healthy and not malnourished. Public does not accept an overweight actress easily. Our very own Sonakshi Sinha and Vidya Balan keep receiving a lot of flak but they didn’t give in to the pressure. They struggled but now they are appreciated.

Aarthi agreed to get rid of flab but she probably didn’t have as much time as is required to lose that much of weight in a healthy way.

More and more people are going in for such surgeries these days and many of them succeed in getting rid of the excess fat. Some people may not get desired results but a death due to liposuction is unheard of. We hope that this alerts people who want to achieve the ‘perfect’ body quickly.

We pray for Aarthi. May her soul rest in peace.

What do you think of this incident?

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