How Wise She Blog Tips Worked For Aayushi :)



Hey Ana,
I wanted to show how magically your  blog tips works on me…dhan tana na…..and here you can notice change in the pic
Its been more than 4 month i joined this blog and trying my best to follow each & every tip.
And now you  can see the Result………..
As u can see earlier my hair were dry,dull, very frizzyy.…. but now I have strong, soft,lil shiny & pretty manageable hair ……..and credit goes to WISESHE
….I’m so happy to be a part of wiseshe family.
lots of luv

Before and After wiseshe



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  1. OMG! Before After pics Rocks… Aaayu kyaa baat hai?? :inlove: Tumhare jhaadu toh sidha goldilocks ban gayeeeeeeee…Amzing transformation..u lukin so cute and sweet in the 2nd pic..and ur hair is lukin damn neat and soft! :beauty: :rose:

    Mujhe khudpe and pure wiseshe pe Naaz hai…………dammnnnn! mera collar bhi nai hai uncha karne! :giggle: 😛 :hug-makeup: :yippee: :dance-left-right: :tap-dance: :lipstick: :drunk:

    • Thanx ricks…Credit goes to wiseshe family :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:
      me looking like shehnaz hussain in first pic…uske baal bi aise he lagte hn 😀

      • haan thas because of too much of heena colouring..but u look damn pretty Aayushi..with such meager percentage of girls in engg colege you must be quite in demand ..

        • Yess..I swear..Ana ab aayushi ka hair hogaya.. iski skin already is Lovely! :beauty: :hug-makeup:

          Now time v teach her make up..she got lovely features like eyes ..clear skin ..pretty cheeks and lips! :handshake:

          Aaayushi..hi time u start using make up now.. Ghosh! 😯
          ur on wiseshe..pic mein dekho..ek lippy bhi nai lagayi hai..SO Unfair! :smug:

        • na i never used heena…. or anything on my hair… i always wanted to open my hair sabke samne… bt itne frizzy hair nd dry hair thee…
          bt nw they are pretty gud… even i gt some complements for my hair this time… 🙂

  2. One of my friend name “PURVA” also took tips from me..and even her curly hair is looking great and she even managed to grow them long now mere advice pe! :-)) :yes:

      • Simply mix CASTOR OIL and COCONUT OIL every nite and wash this atleast 2 or 3 times a week .. u hair will get thick and lengthy..and plz do not chop ur hair coz of split ends.. instead use shampoo’s and conditioner for split ends.. always remember hair root se grow hote hai ..tip se nai. :-))
        So let the hair be.. but if still the split ends is bothering u..toh thode ekdum thode cut karlo but not wen its short..wen u notice k grow hogaye hai..toh hi!

        Hope that will help! :-))

        All the best girlies! :hug-makeup: :yes:

  3. wowww such a awesome transformation aayushi..u r totally a cutiepies :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: do share ur hair regime….n me 2 luvvvv wiseshe :heart: 😀

  4. yes yes do ric! hair regimine includes oiling twice a month n a hair pack of egg yolks,vinegar and glycerin twice a month..i use pantene with herbal essences dangerously straight conditioner..but its not working for me :(..suggest some shampoo for dry frizzy split end prone THICK hard to tame my jhadu baal :(…since i have thick hair i need a shampoo that lathers well

  5. *taking note*…dont chop off hair just cuz u hav split ends..u knw what ric..thats what my mum says all the time but i didnt pay much heed to nw ric d rapunzel said it so ill have to :)..will try the shampoo aayu along with the conditioner ric recommended on her blog post…but no dove shampooz or conditioners for me..i absolutely hate them..they never do anything for my hair..n n ric isnt fenugreek oil for hair growth and bounce?..i already have such thick hair..gonna start applying olive oil now :) u use figaro’s extra virgin olive oil?

    • yaaa figaro’s olive oil is really good!
      n fenugreek oil is a multipurpose oil.. it even manages and smoothens hair ..kisika toh dandruff bhi chala gaya fenugreek oil use karke.. :-)) :yes:

      n u shud listen to wat ur mom say..Lee! Mumma sab jaanti hai..yeh sab unhi se toh sikha hai meine! 😀 :hug-makeup: :yes:

  6. abhi olive oil start karti hoon phir fenugreek bhi..lolz yeah..i should..when u guys c her hair na u wont believe ur eyes..which hair mask do u use A?

  7. wow.. ur hair is looking great now.. me too goin to try some of the tips.. btw, i m goin through lush products’ reviews here in wiseshe since today morn (there are so many ) so that i can pick some when i come to india.. 🙂

  8. Ayushiiiiii u look simply adorable!!! Wanna give u a beeeg hug :hug-makeup: Ur hair looks amazing…love ur locks :-))

    • Yo Nafi thnx alot……. :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:
      i tried to find u on fb …. ?:-)
      give me ur id…

    • yo yo yo ….maja aa gaya aj toh.. :yippee: :yippee: :tap-dance: :tap-dance: :rock-n-roll:
      thank u upsi :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :-*

        • walk 😀 😀 thnx yaad dila diya 😀
          dnt b jealous 😉 😉
          i hv some white chotu chotu daane on my cheek bone… i want to get rid of them :-/ :-/ 😐

  9. Can anybody tell how to make fenugreek oil at home? em super Jealous of Aayushi’s hair here :watermelon: :guns:
    will do castor oil+coconut oil trick too :lipstick:

  10. haii ayushi u luk dam beautiful n very gud results .. i am also using Matrix shampoo but can u clarify is it matrix biolage ultra hydrating one or not bcz i m using this n thinking to go for matrix biolage smoothing shampoo ans also hv dandruff ..i m also having same hair now like ur previous photo..and i m veg so hesitated to use egg can i use curd? pls do reply my wedding date is fixed aftr 4 months so thx ur soo cute in recent pic :-))

  11. awww ayush :hug-makeup: u r so sweet replied to my comment very quick i m sooo happy really appreciate ur work thanks ya from past 1 hour i m seeing tht post i pasted it in my mind thx love u soo much darl 🙂

  12. Prachi … :hug-makeup:
    oh god… u knw last time whn i went for trimming ,stylist told me trim hair aftr evry two month….
    bt i didnt gt time nd thank god i didnt 😀 😀
    nd as rick say “hair root se grow hote hai ..tip se nai.” so nw toh m nt going to go for aNY HAIR CUT 🙂

  13. hi ayushi needless to say i am quite amazed at seeing your hair !!!!!! beautiful they look 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    can you please tell me which paddle brush do you use :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/ ??? and how and when do you use it , i am asking you this because i only use combs so i dont know how they function :-(( :-(( :-((

  14. aayushi.. sorry late to comment… u are looking awesome… whattaaaaaaa hair transformation…
    Erica is absolutely right.. split end are common.. every single girl has them… no need to go mad n chop off your hair if u have split ends…. they wont travel up and attack your hair… do not go for haircut unless u have very severe split ends… 99% of us dont have that severe. i also finally decided to grow my hair for one year… saying i dont care to split ends… im so happy i did it… Whenever you get time in sunlight examine hair and trim off and hunt split ends n chop off tiny bits with scissors… PLS DONT CUT UR HAIR FOR SPLIT ENDS… they will keep happening.. apply rich conditioner and serum at ends…. thats all… leave them… EVERY SINGLE PERSON GETS THEM… no big deal… :-* Dont compromise your hair length… split ends are sooo overrrraaatttteeedddd


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