Accessorize Lovely Day Card Palette Review & Swatches


Accessorize Lovely Day Card Palette 

Hello Friends!

Today I am going to review one of the best known and talked about palette from Accessorize. This palette is a big favorite among foreign beauty bloggers. Do check out my review and swatches to know what makes this palette a winner.


Accessorize Lovely Day Card Palette Review+make up pallets


About Accesorize Lovely Day Card Palette:-

Multi tonal 32 Shade Eye shadow palette with cool, warm bright and nude colour.

Price: £9.00, I got this for Rs 900 from Jabong using discount code.


Accessorize Lovely Day Card Palette Review details+makeup palettes


My Take On Accessorize Lovely Day Card Palette:


  • Packaging: Accessorize lovely day card palette comes in a sleek compact palette form which is very convenient to carry during traveling. Beautiful animal print along with brand name is embossed on the cover. Ingredient list is mentioned on the back side of the palette. A cute pink elastic band is attached to the palette for closing the cover. A wide mirror is encased inside the cover of the palette, which is pretty good for touch ups. No eye shadow brush or applicator is provided with the palette.


Accessorize Lovely Day Card Palette Review pallette+best eye shadow


  • Shades: This palette contains some 32 eye shadows of different finish and 0.5 gram each. Most of shades are dupes of Mac eye shadows. I was extremely excited to see my palette. It has all kinds of shades ranging from blues to purples to neutrals.


Accessorize Lovely Day Card Palette Review pallet+makeup palette


  • Texture & Finish: Maximum shades in palette have pearl finish, some of them have fine shimmers too in them. Few other shadows have matte finish. All the shadows are quite soft in texture. Pearlescent shadows have silk like texture which helps in better adherence.


Accessorize Lovely Day Card Palette Review eyeshadows+eye shadows


  • Pigmentation: Maximum of the shades especially the ones with pearl finish are intensely pigmented. These shades show up on my lid without an eye primer. Some of the matte shades are moderately pigmented but buildable and few others are poorly pigmented and needs a primer underneath. One or two matte shades are poorly pigmented and chalky.
  • Staying Power: The wear time of these shadows is pretty decent. Without a primer these shades stay on my eyes for 4-5 hours. But the matte ones stay for 2-3 hours without a base.


Accessorize Lovely Day Card Palette Review first half hand swatches+eye palettes

Accessorize Lovely Day Card Palette Review second half hand swatches+matte eyeshadow


What I liked about Accessorize Lovely Day Card Palette:

  • Its paraben free.
  • Some 32 shades are there is the palette.
  • Most of the shades are dupes of famous Mac eye shadows.
  • Mirror is encased inside the packaging.
  • Packaging is travel friendly and extremely attractive.
  • Most of the shades are intensely pigmented.
  • Staying power is 4-5 hours without a primer.
  •  Comes at a very affordable price.
  • It’s a must have palette for a makeup beginner and all eye makeup lovers as well.
  • Matte shades are quite buildable.
  • Very lightweight packaging.

What I did not like about Accessorize Lovely Day Card Palette:

  • One or two matte shades are chalky and poorly pigmented.
  • Staying power of matte shades is 2-3 hours maximum without a primer.
  • Not easily available.
  • No eye shadow brush or applicator is provided.


  • Packaging: 5 out of 5
  • Pigmentation: 4.5 out of 5
  • Staying Power: 4 out of 5
  • Texture & Finish: 4.5 out of 5
  • Price vs quality: 5 out of 5
  • Availability: 2.5 out of 5
  • Overall Rating: 4.25 out of 5


Will I repurchase it? Yes of course! There is absolutely no doubt in that.

My Overall recommendation: Accessorize Lovely day palette comes in a compact attractive, sleek packaging with a mirror encased inside it. It has some 32 eye shadows of different finish. Most of the shades are intensely pigmented and show up on eyes without a primer underneath. Wear time of the shadows vary from 4-5 hours without a primer which can be extended with a base. I would highly recommend this palette to all of you. Surely get this beauty if you can get hold of it.

Have you tried Accessorize Lovely Day Card Palette?

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    • Yaaa, its available at 1600,, but with discount it comes at 1200, i used discount code of 25 % off to get this at 900, quality is really awesome, n i checked reviews n pics of this palette , many bloggers from abroad have raved about it, and my palette looks exactly similar to theirs!

  1. n u can also see, at jabong, tht they have got several stuff from MUA and Accessorize, which they r selling at higher price

  2. arre wow i so want this! has a lovely collection of shades! Any idea if it’s available in Accessorize stores? if yes, then ill make a trip to the mall this weekend or after office!

    • Its soo pretty na, it has so many different kind of shades, good one to match makeup with outfit n all! i had been accessorize store and they didnt even know about this palette, when I told accessorize site stocks them, they said its out of stock :p you check at your place re, may be you will get it, am not very sure, but it costs 1600 in india

      • lol silly SAs khud k store mein kya hai ni hai woh bhi ni pata..1600 is too’s like NYX trying to sell their stuffs at MAC mUFE prices, which they actually do, outrageous people! Anyway will check, thanks Taps :-*

        • Ya i agrre with u, in UK its available at 9 pounds tht means almost 800 rs, but in india, its being sold at 1600, just the at the double price! 😐 🙁

    • Yess very true, its an awesome palette, most of the shades are dupes of mac eye shadows! I have cream blushers and bronzer block from accessorize, all r pretty good!

    • Thanks a lot dear, i am happy you liked my review! shades r indeed lovely! n ya packaging is very girly and attractive

    • Yes Nids totally agree, it has all kinds of shades tht i would like to use!! its a complete palette with so many colors!


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