Accessorize Obsessed Dinky Dainty Lipstick Review & Swatches


Accessorize Obsessed Dinky Dainty Lipstick


Hi everyone,

You know the experimental nature of mine na. This nature prompted me to buy accessorize lipstick online from Jabong. How beneficial did it prove for me; read on to know.


Accessorize lipstick


About Accessorize Obsessed Dinky Dainty Lipstick:

Accessorize presents Obsessed Intense Colour Lipstick for luscious lips. It hydrates and protects lips and owing to its great moisturisation formula. Smooth to apply, this lip colour will surely make your pout look even more attractive.

Price: INR 675


Accessorize Lipstick Obsessed Dinky Dainty


My experience with Accessorize Obsessed Dinky Dainty Lipstick:

First of all, there seems to be some discrepancy in the size of this lipstick. It appears to be of conventional size on the site but actually when I received it, the size was really small. I would prefer calling it a mini lipstick instead. The packaging is cute I would say but is not too sturdy. The plastic used seems to be made of average quality.

The texture is creamy and as usual creamy textured lipsticks moisturize the lips really well. It neither does dry up after some time nor is it buttery smooth. It is somewhat creamy but paint like; I don’t know if I am able to put across the type but look at the swatches for better understanding. I do not quite like this texture.


Accessorize Obsessed Dinky Dainty Lipstick


The shade is again something I can never come in terms with. This is what you call consequence of a blind bet. I thought this would be a great nude shade as was depicted on the site but in reality it wasn’t. This is like the shades that Kim Kardashian uses in her makeup. With no offense to her, such shades do not suit most of the Indian women. Likewise it does not suit me at all. It seems to suck all the color away from my face and I look paler than ever before. Even if you want to own such a shade for occasional wear, I would still suggest you buy similar shade in some other lipstick but this.

Then there is a strong sweet smell associated with this one, one that my sensitive nose is not appreciative about. I do not understand why do they make the lipsticks smell sweet.

The staying power is low too considering the creamy texture and light shade. It stays hardly for 2 hours (as if that even matters after knowing the quality of the lipstick).


Accessorize Obsessed Dinky Dainty Lipstick swatch


I fail to understand why it is priced at such a high figure. It does not even deserve to be purchased at half the price.

Overall, I do not seem to like anything about this lipstick. Stay away even if the coupons at Jabong lure you into one of these.

What I like in Accessorize Obsessed Dinky Dainty Lipstick:

  • Maybe the cute packaging of this mini lipstick.

What I do not like in Accessorize Obsessed Dinky Dainty Lipstick:

well, almost everything.

  • the paint like texture
  • the not so suitable shade
  • the awfully strong sweet smell
  • the pathetic staying power
  • the not so deserving high price
  • the availability is poor, but I think that would better be counted in pros. 😛


Accessorize Dinky Dainty lipswatch


Rating: Umm… I would rate this one as 1/5.

Until next time, take care!

Have you tried Accessorize Obsessed Dinky Dainty Lipstick?

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  1. omg your lip swatch will never do justice for the rating you give 😛 seeing your lip swatch it should definitely get 5/5 well at least 4/5 😉


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