Accessorize with Scarf in Statement Necklace Type- Style 2



I hope you all liked the first part of this series. For those who missed it, find it here. That’s my personal favourite of the lot, look wise. But ease wise nothing like this. It quick n easy, its different and its bling.

So let’s begin:

All you need is a long scarf almost or little smaller than a dupatta. Close to 2 mtrs. You may use  a stole too. Preferably in a thinner material.


long  thin scarf+spring scarves


Step 1: Take 2 end of the scarf and tie a knot to it. Like this.


necklace style scarf step1+scarves style


Step 2: Wear the circular scarf round your neck in double. Like this.


necklace style scarf step2+style scarves


Step 3: Hide the knot between the scarf to the side and adjust the scarf like this.


necklace style scarf step3+scarves in style


Step 4: Add your blingy hair clip or equivalent on the knot to keep it secure from peeping out. And you are done. 🙂


necklace style scarf step4+fashion with scarves


Here is your statement necklace in place in seconds 🙂 Easy is not the word. Enjoy!!


necklace style scarf final look+head scarf


Did you like the statement necklace styling of scarf?

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  1. I am gonna do this soon— i hardly have any blingy hair clips! Inlove urs btw- chal i have an excuse to go shopping – my wardrobe needs an accessor for my chinese scarf lol

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