Accessorize with Scarf – Style 1


Many of us are not very comfortable wearing a scarf for various reasons. It may be due to unfavorable weather, finding it cumbersome to carry it around, do not know how to style it.

Here is one way to wear the scarf which not only is high on fashion quotient but also lets your hands free and can be sported in any weather.

Let’s begin:
All you need is a long scarf that is almost the length of a dupatta. Approx 2 months or more.


long scarf+head scarf
Step1: Wear the scarf round the neck such that one third end is on one side and two third on the other.


Scraf styling step 1+how to style scarves


Step 2: Get the side that is 2/3rd round the neck. It should look something like this.


Scraf styling step 2+ways to tie a scarf for summer


Step 3 : Take one end of the scarf and insert it through the circle round your neck.


Scraf styling step 3+how to scarves fashion


Step 4: Now take the other end and insert it through the same circle in a similar way. It should look like this.


Scraf styling step 4+fashion with scarvesScraf styling step4+hair scarf


Step 5: Repeat Step 3 and 4 alternatively till you get something like this.


Scraf styling repatedly inserting end+fashion head scarf


Step 6: Tie a knot at the end to the end of the scarf.


Scraf styling step 6+in style clothing


Step 7: Slide the knot to the side and sport your scarf your necklace as it is or accessorize it with a ring to add in the some bling.


Scraf styling step 7+fashion adviceScraf styling step7+scarves fashion


Few Tips:

  • Use a thin material scarf for summer and thick woollen for winter.
  • Let the color of your dress/top be contract to the scarf. It makes a lot of difference. See below. Both my top and scarf are busy colors. The scarf doesn’t stand out 🙂


Scraf styling pair with suitable top+head scarf fashion


Did you like the style of knotting the scarf?

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  1. Bo ur d scarf queen ya.. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone who loves scarves so much n who can do so much wid them…ur a whizz!

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