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Acetone In Cosmetics

Comes in liquid form Acetone is a colorless, is found naturally in the environment and manufactured into a chemical.Most of the time we find it in formulation of nail polish remover , bath products or nail polish .

Acetone in cosmetics

*Few products which it is supposed to be found but we are not much aware are fragrance and hair care products.The main reason why acetone is used in cosmetic product is because of ability to work as a solvent.

*It evaporates easily , is inflammable and soluble in water.

Acetone on Nails –

Acetone can be extremely drying and can damage the delicate skin around the nails.It is often advised to apply petroleum jelly around the nails edges before using it.

Acetone is considered to be a safe ingredient and countries like Europe does allow it in their products.

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  1. wow i dint kw about acetone but i somehow always made it a point to apply vaseline jelly before nail polish and before nail polish remover 😛 i just thought it made my nails shine 😀 good that now i kw it protects the skin 🙂

  2. ya re all done sorry for late reply .. dint refresh the page 😛
    btw today i went back to maybelline they dint give me concealer without mousse foundation neither did they have mousse blush .. me got upset and walked out .. infact even revlon didnt have testers for foundation 🙂
    kismat me hi nahi likha tha kharidna 😛

    so anyways i just got lakme perfect radiance compact and elle 18 eye liner color bombs wala 🙂
    would do my rest of shopping in pune 🙂


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