Acne Treatment – Azac Acne Soap Review


By Nancy ,      Azac Soap Acne Review

I am 21-year-old and like most  girl of my age I suffer from frequent acne problem.If I ignore my acne or don’t take care of my skin for few days it results in breakouts and bleackheads.Few months back I visited a derma and he advised me Azac acne soap.This is a product of Mark India Cosmed Pvt.Ltd and according to their website product claims this

First antiacne Azelaic Soap formulation in the world, comedolytic, antiseborrhoeic, antitonning, fortified with wheat germ.  Keeps skin supple.  Most suitable  for  females.  Blocks    DHT formation.

Price of the soap is Rs 39 for 75gm and it is available in most Guardian and medical store

According to my derma white heads and black heads on face can be treated in various ways but before one treats them one needs to make sure that one face is clean.Azac acne soap helps  in healing the face  and become clear again.


Azac anti acne soap

Composition of soap –

  • Azelaic acid is effective in combating mild to moderate inflammatory acne.There are two types of acne, inflammatory and non-inflammatory.Skin conditions or disturbances that fall into the inflammatory acne group include cysts and papules.Non- inflammatory acne is composed of open white heads and closed comedos also knows as black heads.Azelaic acid needs to be applied on the affected area once in morning and once in the evening.One can experience noticeable improvement in the skin’s condition with in eight weeks.Some individuals are prescribed azelaic acid for a period of five to six months.
  • Wheat germ oil – Wheat germ oil benefits include curing skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. It works effectively to heal burns and skin ulcers. As an external application it is very helpful for dry skin.Wheat germ oil is beneficial for the general health of the skin as it improves circulation of blood in the skin when used externally. It also helps the skin cells that may have been damaged due to the scorching heat of the sun. It also fights off conditions like dermatitis and reduces scarring.


  • Azac acne soap review My experience with the product – I have been using the soap regularly but once a day and it has helped me in reducing acne and white heads.I do experience acne after using it but the frequency has come down .
  • My skins do not feel dry after using it and it looks more healthy than before.
  • Soap claims to lighten the complexion but I didn’t see much of difference in  that 🙁
  • I am bad in describing smell therefore in that regard all I can say is that the smell of the soap is not much overpowering :p
  • Soap will suit most sensitive of skin .I wont say that it has turn out to be mine best acne solution but it is kind of acne help

Acne soap azac

Will I re-purchase – This is my third purchase of the soap so I don’t need to say more .If you are looking for best way to get rid of acne then do include the soap in your list,  it might work for you 🙂

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  1. 😯 😯 decreases the appearance of acne!!
    i too have suffered a lot coz of acne/pimple whn i ws a teenager, and no one recommended me this soap..
    By the way, “soap” doesn’t it dry out the skin!! :-/ :-/ which moisturizer do u use after this Nancy?? 😐

  2. Hi Prerana,

    it does reduce frequency of acne and i use simple fab india vitamin e moisturiser which has been talked about lot on wise she

    I am big fan of yours by the way and love reading your articles:)

    • :blush: :blush: :blush: oh..ho..don’t praise me so much yaar…
      its like that i love to make new friends and interact with them, share my ideas thats all…i’m a fun loving person & wisshe is a great platform for all these things.. :cute: :cute:
      Oh BTW, i too got to know the great quality of Fab India products in wiseshe only….heading for the vit E moisturizer..

    • i know but 100 gms if it will last for 4-5 months that means Rs 100 a month then it is ok..only thing is product should be good na ?

  3. hi,
    I live in pune .
    I searched for the azac soap in medical stores . But I didn’t get it. Please tell me if you can , where I will get it

  4. Acne product does not battle with your skin as other answers through utilizing excessively abrasive medicines merely rather use a proprietary mixture approach that brings back your skin to the natural & well balance that it use to be earlier.

  5. Hi everyone i am a guy, reading the comments above i m sure that u will be surprised what is this guy doing here in the female beauty forum, I have here to share the good review about this product which made wonders in my skin, I started using AZAC after one of my friend who is a airhostess suggested me to use this seeing the pimples and black marks of pimples in my fair skin,

    I used this soap for 3 weeks , and i have seen a substantial change in my skin complexion and reduced pimples from very first week, since then i m using it regularly and it worked absolutely fine with my skin, at times my skin become a bit dry. especially in winter. but this is a gem of a product at a very economical cost i.e. Rs, 50/-

    I strongly recommend this product which completely changed my outlook! and thanks to my airhostess friend 🙂

  6. Alright, finally seems like we have a general consensus on something that works for acne! I’m surely going to try this out. Thanks for the review Nancy and thanks everyone for sharing your own experience – knowing that something works for so many of you really helps!

  7. Guyz…help me out…no matter wat facewash or cream i use …i get this chipchipa and pasina thng always… m tired of this…any suggestion?

  8. Hi .. My skin is highly sensitive . Will azac soap suit me also? I have tried dermadew soap, cetaphil soap and sebamed bt nothing suited me. Please help

  9. hi my age 36 still i have the problem of oily and pimples.but doctor suggest for this continue using.slowly its cure.i feel,im cure in my back solders also.

    • hi my age 36 still i have the problem of oily and pimples.but doctor suggest for this continue using.slowly its cure.i feel,im cure in my back solders also.

  10. ma’am …can this soap can remove my mini hole from face i use a lot of product but no any single product give me a perfect result …ma’am plz suggest me is it azac soap can remove my mini hole plz ma’am help me ….

  11. I was recommended this soap under my dermatologist’s supervision. At first i was reluctant but i was desperate to get rid of my acnes and breakouts so i started using it twice daily for about 8months and the results started to show after a week or so. So, it is a thumbs up from my side for being ultra effective.


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