Addicted to cleanser


I am addicted to cleanser and have used many of them. This is what I have found when it comes to cleanser. A good cleanser should be able to cleanse thoroughly without making your skin feel dry or stretchy. Cleanser comes in many form such as milk, oil, cream and gel too.

Foam is the most common cleanser which is used by many of us and are easily available in shopping counters. For those  who have oily skin can consider oil cleanser. Many of us believe that cleansing makes skin more oily but instead it works better with oily skin . Those who have dry skin milk is a great option. It makes the skin moist and should be definitely avoided by those who have oily skin. Oily skin people can use fresh milk (kachha doodh)on their skin this won’t increase oil instead will help in reducing acne too. Gel cleanser suits all kind of skin. People with oily skin tend to like more of gel as it works quite well on oily skin without giving it a drying effect.

I personally find Fab India and Shehnaz hussain cleanser pretty effective .Do you have any favorite when it comes to cleanser?


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  1. Mm not that fond of avon products but will surely try it out if i come across one.:)I tried clicking on your blog but it doesnt have a link..?


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