Adele’s Best Red Carpet Looks


Adele’s Best Red Carpet Looks

Anyone who is in love with Adele must be convinced that she sure is beauty with a lovely voice. At this age, she is a grammy winner. She is known for her feelings for the lyrics she writes for her own songs. Her voice is for sure something to be looked at. Her soulful voice is definitely something you would want to lend your ears to once, f you have not tried it as yet. Believe me you would love her.

adele red carpet

Now that was all about her talent, if you ask me she is one female you would see and say, okay, she is not that petite, but the way she carries herself is just brilliant. You would fall in love with her dressing style which speaks volumes about her personality. And she looks as humble as her voice. I am sharing with you some of her public appearances on the red carpet over the past few years. And then I will leave it on you to decide what to believe about her and have her as an ideal really for your low self-esteem days when you see yourself as hefty and others as petite and suave.

Grammy Awards

If you see her simple yet sweet dressing style on one of the grammy nights, you would agree to me when I say that she is just too sweet to be a celebrity but this is what her essence is. Her red flowery frock is just simply unique matching her smile. Her style is just simpleton and embellishes her overall look with simplicity and no celebrity airs. Don’t miss her shoes which match her dress entirely.

adele look

Her hairstyle has the oomph of a star no doubt. And the makeup leaves her tender nature on her face without hiding her innocence.

adele red carpet look

I read somewhere that she prefers mostly dresses from Barbara Tfank, Jenny Packham, and Valentino which suit her style. Being one size above normal does not hamper her from being fashionable and she seems to be comfortable in her own skin.

She also wore a black sequined gown once on a grammy night where she just looked awesome and it seems since 2012 she has gathered some fetish for black as she has been seen wearing black knee length or long dresses since that time. I am not complaining as she looks hotter every time. And it seems she has caught the magic well that black makes you look slimmer. 😀 J


Even at Oscars in the year 2013, she wore a black gown with sequins all over and she looked very pretty with that simple puffed hairstyle and superb makeup.


She also wore a black short dress with leggings looking flawlessly pretty at the Artists of the year do in 2010. With her nude makeup and simplicity she just rocked the occasion.

Recently at NRJ Music awards in November she rocked the occasion in her midi dress which was again black, which by now is her signature color. She just looked awesome and she simply enchanted everyone as she walked down the red carpet with none other than Justin Bieber!


I have wronged myself all my life believing that being someone of plus size. I do not belong to the society but now I believe there is more to the eyes than it actually meets. And one should have enough optimism about oneself.

Which of these looks do you like?

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