Adidas Shower Gel Review


Adidas Women Body Fitness Massage with caffeine & Massage pearls Review

This shower gel has a funny story behind it which goes like this .When I was looking for shower gel in health and glow SA came up to me and advised Adidas shower gel.She said it is going to reduce tan :O and I was surprised to know that 😀 😀 I was wondering how Adidas shower gel  removes tan.I asked her if she has used this and she said NO :)  I asked her  again to show me where it is written  that Adidas shower gel helps in removing tan.She moved on without saying anything leaving me  wondering, how many woman must have bought it by her explanation.

Anyway I didn’t pick it because of the tan removing claim but because it’s Adidas and on top of that its soap free.When I sniffed the product it has this fruit fragrance and no there is no caffeine fragrance in it :D:D.Also, I wanted to try sports shower gels thinking they will make me feel better in  present horrid summer.

Adidas  body fitness shower gel review

Adidas shower gel – How to use

Adidas body fitness shower gel for women.Developed with altheles.

Massage under the shower to help improve skin tonicity and smoothness.

Enriched with caffiene

Soap free shower gel

Adidas shower gel Price in India Rs 200 for 250 ml

Adidas Shower gel review with caffeine and massage pearls

Ingredients of Adidas shower gel


Adidas shower gel review

It is a light sea green colour thick consistency shower gel with some blue surf look alike substance in it :D:D

shower gel review adidas

My experience with  shower gel

I so loved its fruity fragrance but the dissapointing thing was it doesn’t linger on even for an hour.It is soothing and soap free but the claim of adidas that it helps in improving the skin smoothness is not true atleast not for my skin.

Though being soap free it doesn’t leave a film behind which was an advantage and it is mild enough to suit sensitive skin.It is moisturising and my skin feel less dry after using it albeit I do use moisturiser after using the shower gel.

Price of the product is little on the higher side if I think of its effectivenss.It has this flip top packaging and one can stock it while traveling.

Will I re-prucahse it again – No, I don’t think so I will prefer buyign St.Ives shower gel  again rather than these one.

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  1. hi anamika,

    I’m following your blog for few weeks now…
    :rotfl: n really i’m becoming addicted to it…. :chic: :chic:

    Btw the pacakaging of the gel looks very tempting & cool no…. :X-P:

  2. The packaging is so enticing na> Looks so refreshing and summery…Wish the fragrance lasted longer though…wud have been perfect!

  3. glad you did the review ana 😀 and you know na once i used st.ives shower gel as moisturizer ….
    hahahahha …
    ahh leave that … i tell you when i saw this gel in BB i was so tempted to try this out as its ADIDAS and then for women written ..but am glad controlled 😀


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