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Hello there! Welcome to WiseShe statistical information & advertisers’ page. We are assuming you might be interested in collaborating with us. Sure, we have various options available for our advertisers and partners. But before diving into our sponsorship options, let us give you a sneak peak of WiseShe traffic information & stats.

WiseShe in Numbers

Established Year:2009

Number of Posts: 13434 as on 10th April 2012

Number of Comments: 284000

Domain of Expertise: Beauty tips, Makeup tips, Skin care tips, Beauty Products reviews & recommendations.

Visitors: 600K to 1Million visitors month.


Our Social Empire

  • Facebook Fans: 107K
  • YouTube Subscribers: 57K
  • Instagram Followers: 22.3K
  • Pinterest Followers: 18K
  • Twitter Followers: 3.6K

Advertising Options for Partners

We have wide range of options for our partners choose to from. We are flexible with our terms and always happy to have a dialogue with our partners & advertisers.

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Product Review:  – 

YouTube Video:- We review beauty, makeup products and life style products and provide unbiased product review to our readers. We use the product and make a video on how to use the product and our genuine feedback on the product. We can plan the video as per your requirement as well.

Social Media Promotion: – 

Now that you know WiseShe stats and our various options for advertisers & partners, you can use below form to reach us to strike a deal with us. As we mentioned earlier, we are open to have a dialogue with our partners. We are more than happy to associate with you 🙂

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