Affordable Mud Packs And Their Availability


Affordable Mud Packs And Their Availability

Earth has its own kind of purest and most natural way to heal human problems.It is an undenying fact of how good natural products are for skin problems and beautiful skin. And when we discuss of Mud Packs, we all know how amazing they are for skin.

From ancient times, people are being using Mud for skin glow and removing impurities.
So we will discuss some Good Mud Packs available online and in market.

Vedic Line Choco Cherry Mud Pack Review+ vedic line+ chocolate face mask

Also, it is must to remember that Mud packs should not be applied daily. Maximum usage should be once in a week and ideal usage is twice in a month.Taking care of the fact that while applying, Eyes and mouth area should be avoided.
Following are some great mud packs:

  • Himalaya Herbals Oil Care Mud Face Pack

mud face packEnriched with Walnut and Khus Khus, this Mud Face Pack is one which is easily available in market and is priced extremely low. Its unique herbal formula rejuvenates your skin by absorbing the extra oil and removing impurities.

Walnut, which is its main ingredient blackheads and dead cells and on the other hand Khus Khus tones and evens your facial skin. It also makes your skin soft and supple by improving the circulation, an extremely good face pack for people who have oily skin problem and face acne. It also has cooling properties that will make you feel fresh entire day.

  • VLCC Mud Face Pack


VLCC Products are easily available in the market and have high demand as well but this product was not available in many store. Go to online shopping sites for this face pack. This pack comes in a very cute box and has natural ingredients like Turmeric Extract and Mint Oil which will cleanse the impurities and will improve the circulation and will give you soft and brighter skin.

For getting rid of the blackheads and deep sucked impurities from your skin, this face pack is an ideal skin for all skin types. Use this pack once in a month and your skin will get tighten with less marks visible.

  • Fabindia – Haldi Chandan Mud Face Pack

Fab India Neem Tulsi Mud Pack

It has Multani Mitti as base and has turmeric extracts which are superb for skin. Turmeric not only brighten your skin but clears it from deep inside both ways by clearing the skin tone and killing germs. You must have heard of haldi lep to Bride for skin brightening. It has fragrance of Chandan which makes it a unique item. Little costly in terms of other products available in market.

Also it is hardly available in the market. Big shops of Fabindia stores have it.
Go to online stores for hassle free buying.

  • Biotique- Bio Mud Pack

Lotus Clay Pack review

This Mud pack not only will brighten your skin like other mud packs available in market but will also work as an anti ageing Pack. By reducing wrinkles and fine lines and also working as skin cleansing product, it has now topped the best Mud Packs available in the market.
Using twice in a month can give you visible results. It has ingredients of essential oils like Basil, Lavender and Peppermint which makes it more likable and rich. It is an easy available product and costs reasonable.

  • Richfeel Mud Pack

Comes in a green colored jar, Richfeel Company is famous for its natural products and have good reviews in market. Their products are too expensive in terms of quantity and other products available in market but the quality and results make it worth to buy.
Its 500g pack comes at a price of INR 700. This mud pack is ideal for all skin types for both men and women and is only available online like Flipkart and Ebay or on few premium stores.
It is applied for exfoliation and nourishment. Also is very good for deep cleansing and skin brightening. It is reviewed to be an excellent product for sagging skin by users. Enriched with Calendula Extract and Multani Mitti, it is an ideal face pack for people who have sensitive skin

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