Affordable Vs High End Skin Care: Pros & Cons


Affordable Vs High End Skin Care: Pros & Cons

When it comes to skin care, every woman has her own style of dealing with. Like the skin we are in is different from each other, so is the skin care. While on the one hand, few women love all exclusive skin care products for them, there are women who go for affordable products for their skin. Both of them have their own pros and cons and it is not difficult to say that it solely depends on one’s choice and purchasing power.

Affordable Vs High End skincare

There are also people who in spite of having purchasing power would go for affordable products only or someone who may not have the adequate purchasing power but would spend on the high end skin care whenever possible. This is again a matter of choice and depends on person to person.

I am today going to discuss the pros and cons of each type of skin care.


Affordable skin care is very much having the advantage of being cost effective and reasonable. While high-end skin care obviously is expensive and makes you a little cost conscious.

Patanjali Mint - Tulsi Body Cleanser


Expensive products are obviously better in quality and are mostly branded. The brand makes it more demanded and gives a confidence to the customer of purchasing the right product. In short, has the consumer confidence in right manner.


Most branded products as I said above are counted in high end skin care products. Not those affordable products are always from some local company but the high end skin care enjoys the most sought after demand.

Affordable products also come from a brand and are to cater to the compatible audience.


Patanjali Coconut Hair Wash

Most these affordable products are usually available at the drug stores near you while the specialty high end products are usually to be bought from the specialist stores.

So, you see the comparison based on these four points is easy and has the most visible qualities which can be translated into advantages and disadvantages. It is easy to locate the difference and look for the right product.

conditioner for dry hair

To cite an example, consider two lotions for acne. One is a high end product while the other one is a normal affordable over-the-counter product. Both the products would have most ingredients as common but the OTC product would definitely lag in some expensive ingredient which would be present in the expensive high end acne skin lotion or cream.

Another bout of difference comes to the shore when you try to compare the ingredients based on your choice. For example from Patanjali compared to say Olay. While Olay would boast of expertise and ingredients which are active on the ageing skin, the Patanjali brand would be known for the use of ayurvedic natural products that would make it in demand for the affordable segment and for those who find natural products as better option to be purchased for your skin.

The choice is therefore, amongst people regarding their choice, their purchasing power and their capacity to use the product.

While there are specific points where you could define the advantages or pros of a product or the cons of the product, you have to be choosing the right product depending on your choice of the contents and your knowledge about the contents.

What do you prefer Affordable or High End?

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