Aging Gracefully Tips and Tricks


Aging Gracefully Tips and Tricks

Nothing lasts forever. Definitely not youth! We all age, that is the ultimate truth, a truth us women( and men) must accept with grace and dignity. Then why be afraid of it? There is nothing bad in letting your youth go. It only goes to prove that, you have learnt your lessons, gathered your experiences, and lived your life the way you should have. There is a time for everything, and each phase of your life has its own beauty. So we must acknowledge that fact, and embrace in each phase as we leave behind the other.


Now aging is not that bad an experience. You just have to make yourself come to terms with certain dos and don’ts, follow certain tips, and you will always remain as graceful and as gorgeous as ever. For ageing is as much psychological as much as it is physical.

So here are a few tips and tricks to help you age gracefully.

Keep Your Mind Fit

We all know the eat healthy and exercise part. That’s essential. But along with physical exercise what you must practice is mental exercises. This means, involve yourself in a activity you like doing. Just never allow yourself to sit idle. Keep your mind and brain engaged. This has a lot of plus points. Firstly this will keep you occupied, and allow thoughts of depression or loneliness to creep in. And this will also help you keep your memory sharp, as with age your memory at times tend to grow weak. This can be anything, housework, planting, community service, some hobby that you want to pursue, anything. Just do not let yourself sit idle.

Learning Something New:

learn something new

Learn something new. Something that may be you always wanted to learn, but never could due to time constraints. It could be an art, like playing an instrument, it could be a new language, anything. This will not only help you keep yourself occupied but also give you a sense of accomplishment at the end of every day.

Friends are Forever

friends are forever

Try and spend as much time as possible with your friends. For given that they are your peer group, they also must be going through the same phase in life, so talking to them, sharing with them will help you deal with your own problem.

Time with Loved Ones

spending time wth loved ones

For all those who have grandchildren who live with them, they are the blessed souls. You should spend as much time as possible with those angels. For not only will it create a beautiful bond between you two, but they will eventually start looking up to you as a friend and a guide. They will want to involve you and share with you the itsy-bitsy details of their little lives with you. You might also be taken back to those fun filled days when your own children were of their, and get relive all those happy memories all over again. Grandchildren are probably the best perk of ageing.

Phyical Fitness is Important:

physical exercise

Yes! You should keep yourself physically fit. For this will prevent you to depend upon any one else. If you are fit enough to do the regular chores by yourself then it definitely gives your self esteem and moral a boost. Nobody likes to depend one anyone for the basics no matter how much they love you. So got out, do some light exercises, this will also help you keep your muscles flexible and fit. Do some yoga at home, it will help you calm your thoughts, relax your mind.

Proper Diet:

eating healthy

Eat healthy, always! For with age our body quite naturally starts rejecting things, it grows intolerant against a lot of food items. This might surprise you, cause may be you have been eating it and loving it your whole life. Cut down on the alcohol and smoking. For this fastens up the process of ageing. Eat light food, find out what your body can take and what it can’t anymore.

Maintain a skincare routine:

Along with all this you must not forget to take care of your skin. For this is where the signs of ageing first appears. Adopt a regular and proper skincare regime and religiously follow it. Use age appropriate products. Ageing does not mean you stop looking beautiful. For when you know you are looking beautiful it fills you up with an enormous sense of confidence to face the world.

Eating right, exercising regularly, keeping yourself mentally and physically occupied all the time and taking good care of one’s self, these are the basic mantras of ageing gracefully.

Age as they say is just a number.

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