Airbrush Makeup – A Lowdown


Airbrush Makeup- A Lowdown


Airbrush makeup- when I first heard the term, it sounded dream-y to me (don’t know why). Whenever I think of this word, I imagine a fairyland :-P. But we all know that it’s not a dream. Today I’m telling you some nitty-gritty about airbrush-makeup and will also keep comparing it to the traditional makeup.


airbrush makeup

What is Airbrush Makeup?

First of all, it is not ‘Airbrush in Photoshop’. Airbrush makeup is a way of applying makeup using a pump-like instrument. This airbrush-pump or compressor is used from a distance of 6-12 inches to spray makeup on face and body in the form of millions of tiny droplets. Airbrush makeup is quick as it covers large area in one go. The main use of airbrush makeup is in applying foundation on face and body and special-effect makeup.

Airbrush makeup can also be used to apply eye-makeup, blush and lipstick. These areas especially the eyes are tricky and stencils are used for precise application.

Airbrush makeup was first used in 1959 to apply makeup on a large cast of Hollywood flick Ben Hur (Thanks to Wikipedia for this snippet). So now you know that it is nothing new. It is just that, airbrushing is used extensively now due to the advent of HD cameras. The traditional makeup tends to settle down in fine lines of the face and an HD camera captures such problem areas easily. To counter this problem airbrush makeup is used. Airbrush makeup connects with the skin easily due to small droplets and covers the imperfections nicely.

Facts about Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is not heavy and gives finish like second skin. It does not make one look heavily done and all caked up. Your skin breathes better under this as very little foundation is needed.

A good makeup artist applies it efficiently and your face will look all natural. But if you land up at the wrong salon, you may end up looking patchy.
It is not a wonder product as we often hear. First of all, even though it is quick, it is less precise. The traditional makeup can be used to cover every curve and bend of face with the help of fingers, brushes or sponges. It is better to use traditional makeup first and then top it up with airbrush makeup for a HD ready finish.

Airbrush makeup is usually advertised to give a flawless finish but that is not completely true. Just like traditional makeup, airbrush makeup has its limitations. It cannot hide very dark spots and acne. This happens because the droplets in the compressor are thin and cannot give full coverage easily. Layering is needed for an opaque coverage.

Not all brands offer waterproof airbrush makeup. It is advisable to check thoroughly before investing in an expensive airbrush kit.

The Conclusion

Airbrush makeup is best used in films and television because of the use of HD cameras. ‘Mango’ people can use airbrush makeup for special occasions like weddings or other functions. Always use the services of a well-known makeup-artist for this. Otherwise a good traditional-makeup artist is always the best option to get the dewy, flawless look

If you want to use airbrush makeup all by yourself, get some training first and then plunge in it.

Did you know about airbrush makeup?

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