Airbrush Wedding Makeup Tips


Airbrush Wedding Makeup Tips

Being a bride with flawless, glowing skin is every girl’s dream. With loads of makeup products with great coverage and multiple other properties, this dream is not too tough to live. Airbrush makeup is also an innovation that promises quick makeup application and is long lasting as well. If you are also considering to get airbrush makeup on your wedding, we have some insights that you need to understand.

First of let me tell you that Airbrush makeup is a way of applying makeup using a pump-like instrument. This airbrush-pump or compressor sprays from a distance of 6-12 inches to spray makeup on face and body in the form of millions of tiny droplets. Airbrush makeup is quick as it covers large area in one go. The main use of airbrush makeup is in applying foundation on face and body and special-effect makeup.

Airbrush makeup is lightweight and long lasting. It gives flawless finish and is like second skin. All these facts make it a great choice for bridal makeup as well. It is an expensive way of getting your makeup so you need to understand at least the basics before going for it.

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Tips For Airbrush Makeup

-The first tip would be choose a well known airbrush makeup artist. A makeup artist may be well known but if airbrush makeup is not his/her forte, do not go there.

– Make sure that you take a makeup trial. Makeup trials are always a good idea with any kind of makeup as its about your big day. A trial becomes more important in case of airbrush makeup as you can see how it reacts with your skin and you can also assess the expertise of the makeup artist.

– Airbrush makeup is flat looking and is not easy to touch up. It will be better if you do not use it to apply eye-makeup, blush and lipstick.

– The traditional makeup can be used to cover every curve and bend of face with the help of fingers, brushes or sponges. This is not the case with airbrushing. It is better to use traditional makeup first and then top it up with airbrush makeup for an HD ready finish.

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-Make sure that you get airbrush makeup layered. It cannot hide very dark spots and acne. This happens because the droplets in the compressor are thin and cannot give full coverage easily. Layering is needed for an opaque coverage.

– It is best to use waterproof makeup on your D day. Keep in mind that not all airbrush makeup is waterproof. Check this fact with your artist. The fact is that airbrush makeup is water-resistant not waterproof.

– If there is sweat or tears on your face, you should never wipe it off. Blot them or your makeup will come off as well. It does not transfer on its own though.

I hope that brides to be find these tips useful and thank me if they want 🙂

Do you have more Airbrush Wedding Makeup Tips?

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  1. Blotting the face when there’s moisture involved is the best way to go about it. Like you said, you can pull the makeup off of your skin very easily if you try to wipe anything away. Thanks for sharing these tips!


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