Aishwarya in HDIL ( India couture week) for Manish Malhotra show


Recently Aishwarya walked for her friend Manish Malhotra show in HDIL.Aishwarya was wearing heavy smokey eyes look with nude lipstick .

               Her hair was curled from the end and the white corset dress  looked stunning on her.

How can she manage to look so beautiful at this age ..I really wonder how ……

Did you liked Aishwarya outfit and her make up  in HDIL?

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  1. Yes..i do believe in natural herbal remedies, organic food and many other things.. i understand these are difficult to maintain nowadays but we have example of people here who still rely on these…

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  4. looking…. good i think the dress is vry pretty……….

    i also lik 2 b natural……
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  5. i lub her dress.. and i lub her make up… but i dont like her…. no no! [-(
    CTM wid natural products :O :O how how how 🙁 i wanna know pweeej! 🙁

  6. Thankfully I am still using some of them..will try my best to continue with them:P
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