Aishwarya Inspired Cannes Makeup 2016 Video Breakdown


Aishwarya Inspired Cannes Makeup 2016

Hi everyone! Hope you guys are doing well!

I am bringing to you Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s Cannes Makeup today which is the latest from her appearance at the Global podium. I am sure you also would agree that her makeup was just fantastic to be overlooked. Let’s see how she looked so pretty.

I would begin with Aveno moisturizer to prep my face. This also acts as a primer and helps in controlling oil formation that could spoil my makeup.

Eye Makeup

Now I will begin with the eye makeup. For this, I would use the Krylon eye primer which is my favorite. After this, I would fill in my brows using Maybelline Drama Crayon which helps me give a natural look to my brows in a perfect way. I make it even more perfect using a brow brush. Moving on, I now will use a shimmery eye shadow from my Krylon Glamour Glow 8 Color Blush palette which as per me matches the color used by Aishwarya for the look.

The most important and not to be missed part is the blue eye liner. It has enhanced her look so well. I am going to use Colorbar Waterproof eye shadow stick 004 Moss. Like a regular application, I have applied it for once. Now, I am going to stretch it like a winged eye liner and bring it back to the crease area. Using a Mac Pencil brush, I would now soften the eye makeup. To match it to Aishwarya’s makeup, I would use more of the blue color and then keep blending it to get the desired result.

aishwarya cannes makeup 2016

This is now time to use a black eye line on the lower lash line. I will make it a little darker on the right hand side to give a defined look. Now taking the Colorbar Blue eye liner again, I will darken the blue eyeliner even more. I will now smudge the eye liner and take it to corner and the right hand side to get the shape that Aishwarya had.

Merging the eye shadow again with the blue liner using an eye brush will help me have the exact look that she carried. It is now time to apply the false eye lashes. I am done with the eye makeup now.

Face Makeup

To begin with the face makeup now, I would use my favorite Max Studio Fix Foundation. Though it is too hot these days and I am feeling too heavy using it but it is the right base for a sound makeup, so let’s go for it. Do not forget to apply it on your neck.

Now I am cleaning my face to clear the sweat and spots I caught while doing the eye makeup. I always prefer doing the eye makeup first for this very reason. It helps to do the face makeup cleanly. I am now going to use the Revlon Compact to keep the oil in control and have the makeup stay intact for longer hours.

Aish did not use any contouring as per me, but I am using this coral peachy shade to define my cheekbones a bit to ensure proximity to her makeup. For lips, I am using lip stain from Revlon known as Rendevouz. Aishwarya used a nudish lip shade for her makeup. But due to my lip pigmentation, I am using a brighter lip color compared to her.

Don’t forget to use a highlighter, Aishwarya did not use it but I am a total fan of highlighting. It helps to bring out the best of makeup and keeps it live for hours. Hope you liked this look. Do share your reviews if you want more of such videos!!

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