Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at Cannes My Answer On All The Memes


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at Cannes Hit or a Miss?

All of the newspapers and other online media are filled with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s pictures from the Cannes Film Festival. There is full criticism of her appearance in a purple lipstick. In fact, people have gone to the extent of pushing rumors like she is pregnant with her second baby! Wow! This was heights seriously. I mean she is someone representing India since 15 years at this festival.

aishwarya at cannes

Constant Criticism

She has been criticized quite badly during these 15 years but she has still mustered her confidence to stand tall yet again. Purple lipstick! Okay she did that so what? If Angelina Jolie can wear a black lipstick, she receives appreciation but our own Indian beauty is put to such atrocities in the form of comments just because she is an Indian? I am sure she knows what she is wearing. She is a level headed woman who is renowned world over. Her confidence is apparent in each and every picture in that purple lipstick and flesh tint colored gorgeous gown! She has also made an appearance in gold color for the first time at this platform and she has nailed it.

Why is there no appreciation about those? This is simply, because we are biased and we are made to see only negatives in our desi celebrities at world platform. Totally unruly and unfair it is on our part.

We should give her some space to let her live like a human being than to see her as an epitome of perfection. She has missed it a few times on global stage, which is perfectly okay! Even Sachin Tendulkar did not hit a century in every match; he also got out on ducks quite a few times. One must remember to give them some space. If you did not like her attire, please keep it to yourself as your own personal opinion. She must have found that color appealing on her lips and so she used it. Fair enough!

The Lipstick Debate!

I mean why we should interfere with her personal choice. Agreed she represented India on such a big stage but at the same time she represented herself as Aishwarya Rai Bachchan! I mean she is a woman who is respected the world over but not by her own countrymen. She is a face chosen by authorities for the good reason that she is credibly the face which is an obvious choice. We cannot be mean enough to make fun of her or mock at her for all wrong reasons. Personally, I did not find that purple matte lipstick that bad. It was rather a bold statement from a woman of substance who has represented India with her head high always.


She is definitely the face we critics can never think of reaching. This also defies us the right to speak about her in this fashion. She is a human being, and should be respected. I mean we also have made up goof ups in life and keep on doing that. Let’s respect her and give her due credit for representing India so beautifully and confidently instead of making such fun of her.

And for the people who think that she is expecting her second baby, even if it would have been true, isn’t it her personal choice?


  1. I loved the color- but, the lipstick was too drying. And I think that’s what made her lips look unflattering.Otherwise the entire makeup was spoton.

  2. I am no aish fan..i never was…. but I agree media goes overboard… No need to criticize everything she wears… The off shoulder outfit is gorgeous so is the lip shade…


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