Alba Botanica Even Advanced Sea Lipids Daily Cream Review



Alba Botanica Even Advanced Sea Lipids Daily Cream

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I am back with a review on a daily skin cream from the well known brand Alba Botanica. Are you looking out for a solution for uneven skin tone? Do read on to know if it helped me in achieving even skin tone and whether you should splurge on it.


Alba Botanica Even Advanced Sea Lipids Daily Cream


About Alba Botanica Even Advanced Sea Lipids Daily Cream:

Start your day better than even

Get up and face the day with the help of this brightening pick me up. Our naturally powerfully Marine complex, rich in nourishing lipids, stimulates cell regeneration to reduce the appearance of blotchiness for a more uniform skin tone. Dull, sleepy skin becomes fresh, even and bright in just two weeks. It’s the wake-up call your skin has been waiting for. Wears well under makeup.

Clinical results after 2 weeks:

  • 100 % of those tested showed reduced appearance of skin blotchiness and improved skin clarity.
  • 94 % of those tested had skin tone that appeared more even.


Alba Botanica Sea Lipids Daily Cream


Price: Rs 1100 for 57g. I got this product exactly at 50% discount.


Alba Botanica Sea Lipids Daily Cream ingredients


My Take on Alba Botanica Even Advanced Sea Lipids Daily Cream:

I got this product during summers alongwith a cleanser and skin toner from the same even advanced range. (This range is meant for reducing skin blotchiness to achieve even skin tone)

Packaging: Alba botanica even advanced sea lipid cream comes in a green tub packaging. I prefer tub packaging than tube one as there would be no product wastage and I can see how much product is left in the jar. Many of you wont prefer tub packaging as its neither hygienic nor travel friendly. List of complete ingredients alongwith other information is printed in the carton provided with it. It has some 57 g of product.

Quality: Its a daily cream which is neither thick or runny consistency. Its slightly richer than a lotion. It contains 100% natural plant ingredients and marine complex alongwith several exotic ingredients like shea butter, macademia nut extract, cucumber, spirulina, sweet almond oil, grapefruit extract, glycerine, safflower oil, etc. It contains no parabens, or phthalates, or SLS or SLES or any artificial colors. It does not have any SPF factor so a sunscreen cannot be avoided.


Alba Botanica Natural Sea Lipids Daily Cream


Effectiveness: I have combination skin type with freckle spots on my cheeks. My skin is extra sun sensitive. My forehead looks tanned and skins becomes dull if I skip a sunscreen even for a day. My skin looks more uneven during summers so I had got this daily cream alongwith its toner and cleanser. Whenever I use it, my skin feels hydrated and supple. But after an hour or so I kind of experience a stretchy feeling which I did not like at all and my skin does not look as hydrated as it looked in the first hour of application. So I reduced the amount of product in subsequent days, but still I experienced a stretchy feeling. I continued using it for a month and I felt my skin looked more even especially it helped in clearing up existing acne marks.


Alba Botanica Sea Lipids DailyCream


It speeded up the clearing process of marks and zits but did not do anything on freckles. My skin indeed looked more even and smooth. Within 45 days the product was over and after that my skin again came back to square one. It does make temporary improvement so one needs to use it religiously everyday. Effects are not long lasting. Despite of so many ingredients still I could not figure out why it gave me that stretchy uncomfortable feeling each time I used it. I would definitely wont wear it under makeup.


Alba Botanica Sea Lipids DailyCream swatch


Availability: Its available only at few online sites which is a big disappointment.

What I liked about Alba Botanica Even Advanced Sea Lipid Daily Cream:

  • -It brightens my face with regular usage.
  • -It helped in clearing stubborn old acne marks.
  • -My skin feels smooth, well nourished.
  • -It improves skin clarity.
  • -It contains all plant ingredients.
  • -It does not contain any harmful preservative or chemicals.
  • -It has a pleasant refreshing fragrance.
  • -My skin looks more even with regular usage.

What I did not like about Alba Botanica Even Advanced Sea Lipid Daily Cream:

  • -Its available only at few online sites.
  • -For the quantity provided and qualitywise its very pricy.
  • -It comes in tub packaging which is not hygienic.
  • -Its not travel friendly.
  • -It contains dimethicone.
  • -It gave me a stretchy feeling every time I used it.
  • -It gives temporary solution to uneven skin tone, once its over your skin looks the same it used to.
  • -Contains no spf factor.


  • Packaging: 4 out of 5
  • Quality: 4 out of 5
  • Effectiveness: 3.75 out of 5
  • Availability: 3.5 out of 5

Overall Rating: 3.75 out of 5

Will I repurchase it? No I am not going to repurchase it. There are so many other creams out in the market which I would like to try next.

Overall Recommendation: Its a good product for those who like to use creams containing all natural ingredients and want a solution for clearing stubborn acne marks. Apart from that I am quite disappointed with this product and would not recommend it considering its price and availability.

Have you tried Alba Botanica Even Advanced Sea Lipid Daily Cream?

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