Alcohol in cosmetics – Introducing Wise She Cosmetic Dictionary

Now when Wise She has become a common platform where many of us share product reviews its time to move a step further.Any one who reviews a product on Wise She purchases it, experiences it and then writes about it here. It happens many times that the product might have not worked for the reviewer but it might be an HG for some one else.90% of time is because of the ingredients which are present in the product which others might be allergic to and this is the reason that they loathe it.
So we thought of creating a Cosmetic Dictionary here on Wise She where one can be aware of the ingredients and know what are they all about.I think there are many of us who lack the required knowledge  and end up buying something which turns out to be a disaster.
So every day we are going to pick up one ingredient and talk about it.This is way we all can discuss how the particular ingredient will  harm or benefited us.
Wise She Cosmetic Ingredient of the day is :-

Alcohol – There are several types of alcohols which we read in the cosmetic ingredients. Most of the alcohols are extremely irritating and drying for the skin.
If one has acne, wrinkles, dry skin or oily skin it is advised to avoid the products which contain them.
 Few common alcohols found in cosmetics are:-

1.SD Alcohol
3.Ethyl Alcohol
5.Isopropyl Alcohol
6.Alcohol Denat
7. Cetyl Alcohol
8. Steryl Alcohol

Cetyl Alcohol and Steryl Alcohol are not that harmful.If one has nice skin (free of any problem)  then she can slather them and still can have great skin.
Bad alochols dry and irritate our skin and cause inflammation.They even snatch the natural oil from the skin and result in more oil production.
Alcohols make acne worse as  they cause inflammation which dries up the top layer of the skin. If  a person with dry skin uses alcohol products in large quantity then her wrinkles will be more visible.
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  1. But you have done a superb job…and IF anyone dare copy any content from the blogs of "Blogging for Fun Members", they had it. I will lend u my legal advisor to sue them left right centre..LOL

  2. Mitra as Alcohol dries out the skin we consider it good for acne but it actually takes out the natural oil from the skin..

    but it depends upon the amount of alcochol in the product too..we cant ignore all the products naa.

  3. I dint get to use it full on…..i couldnot bear my breakout so had to rush to doc, aftr which i stopped using anythng othr than wht ws prescribed…. Oh i keep crbbing about my breakout, the reason i did so was cause i started non-veg after a break of 3 years …and my body couldnot take it….


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