All About AHA Vitamin for Skin Care


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This post is all about AHA vitamins which are also known as ALPHA HYDROXY ACIDS which are mainly found in foods as their natural content. These include citric acid which is found in citrus fruits like lemons and oranges. It also includes glycolic acid which is found in sugar cane. Then there is lactic acid as found in sour milk or curd. Malic acid found in apples is also part of this group of acids. Grapes have tartaric acid which is also a part of this group. There are also few other acids which form part of this.

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These acids as we can clearly see are part and parcel of our daily lives when we eat these foods and fruits. But do you know that these acids are also useful for the skin.

All About AHA Vitamin for Skin Care

All these acids are quite useful for your skin and help in relieving the skin of various problems.

Most of these Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHAs are used orally on the skin for moisturizing it and also to get rid of the dead skin cells. These are also used for treating acne and also removing the scars or marks that these acne leave on your skin. These AHAs are also very effective in smoothening the skin by removing the infirmities.

For dry skinned people, these AHAs work on maintaining the pH balance by helping them moisturize the skin. It can in fact help cure the extremely dry skin which is a disease known as xerosis. If you are suffering from darkened skin or melisma, you can expect a permanent solution through these AHAs. Even during pregnancy some women develop a darkened skin, which also can be taken care of by these AHAs.

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These are also quite fruitful if you are looking to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. These work naturally to remove those early signs of ageing.

How do they work?

AHAs are present in most cosmetics you purchase like sunscreens, day or night creams, moisturizers etc. and are the catalysts in the performance of the product on your skin. A lot depends on these AHAs and their reaction on your skin to suit your type. One should always look for these ingredients while purchasing the products. Ideally the AHA constituent of the product should be second or third highest of all ingredients. You should stay away from products with AHA content below 10%.

These work in a procedure of sticking and removing. They stick to your skin and remove the old skin cells which make the outermost layer of your skin look younger and finer. Then they seep further inside and help in stimulating the collagen production and work to refine your skin even further.

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One more word of caution here is necessary. Since AHAs are all natural, they take time in showing their results. One should stick to one product at a time. As in if you are using a sunscreen, you should not use any other product with same content as it is said that excess of anything is bad. This very much holds true for these AHAs. Excessive use might leave your skin red and irritated which is the least you would want.

These AHAs are wonderful and are with us all the time. Make the most of it and improve your skin 😀



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