All About Avant Garde Makeup


All About Avant Garde Makeup

Hello there, my beautiful ladies!

We all have caught ourselves sifting through the latest fashion magazines wondering about those intricately done makeup looks that can make the most confident of us a little uncomfortable, haven’t we? Those bold dramatic, mysterious and colorfully done eyes, those shimmery lips and glittery bronzed cheekbones?

bold avant garde makeup

Looks so much fun, but what it is, what are its origins, and how can you try and incorporate it in your special makeup looks. Read below to find out all that you need to know about the much in-talk Avant Garde Makeup.

What is AVANT GARDE makeup?

There are three types of make ups out there the natural or nudes, the bold or dramatics, and then there are the a-little-offbeat kind of extrovertly intimidating looks which we generally come across in photo shoots, runways, ramps, portfolio shoots or makeup competitions.

These off beat makeup looks are what is known as AVANT GARDE makeup. The makeup style leans towards being highly artistic, ferociously creative and uniquely expressed. The phrase AVANT GARDE in itself means new, fresh and unique in French (translating to advance guard).

avant garde makeup looks

What to expect from AVANT GARDE type of makeup?

  • Only the most professional kind of makeup is used Say Kryolan, which makes makeup products to specifically suit the theatre actor needs, its high quality professional makeup and is apt for this kind of expressive look.
  • The most intricately unique designs avant garde is all about showcasing that unique spark in you and expressing yourself in the most YOU way that one can. So keep an eye open for some bang on designs that you may have never thought even existed.
  • It follows a specific themes makeup under the Avant Garde themes are generally done to suit some special occasions or purposes; be it a fancy dress, or a shoot; there is bound to be a specific theme where such looks are involved. And the artists keep in mind to go in sync with the theme in consideration. This makes the makeup look so much more fun to follow.
  • Use of embellishments other than makeup Avant Garde makeup is technically not just makeup. There is so much more to it than just your regular eye shadows, shimmers, and dramatic eyeliners. What makes this look all the more intriguing is their explicit use of jewels, feathers and many other such embellishments which take the dramatic to some other level.

hwo to do avant garde makeup

Some ways to incorporate AVANT GARDE in your makeup

  • Go for a metallic lip

this is the easiest way to start paying up with avant garde genre if you are more of a lip person. Opt for metallic coppers, golden or champagne hues; and for the more dramatic ones go for a metallic baby blue or icy silver, and see heads turn.

avant garde metallic lips

  • The simple AVANT GARDE eye this one is really simple, like really, really simple! Just sweep on some silver or golden eye shadow (whatever complements your skin tone, though silver would look more stark and in sync with the whole idea of avant garde), and cover the entire lid; even your crease. Now take some eyeliner on your eyeliner brush, draw a thin line on the upper lash line and wing it out. Now starting from the upper tip of your wing, draw a line leaning towards the crease of the eye and blend in the shadow and the liner ever so gently. And, you’re done!
  • The more colorful AVANT GARDE Take in consideration two strikingly different colored eye shadows. Apply one all over the lid, while restrict the other to your crease. Blend both in, add in some colorful jewels on the outer corners of your eyes, load up on falsies, and go rock the world.
  • The LACEY eye

now there are so many variations to do a lacey eye; the simplest being to cut out a stencil (the shape of your eyelid) out of your favorite black (or any other color) lacey fabric and stick it on using a makeup adhesive. If you are one of the pros, you can go a step further and try creating a lacey pattern on your eyelids and beyond using a pointed eyeliner pen or something like that.

avan garde halloween-tattoos

I have always believed that makeup is an art and we are the artists. Our face is our canvas, and we have the right to play (till the time the playfulness does not mess with the skin, that is :-P).

Which of these makeup looks do you imagine yourself experimenting with?

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