All About Body Oils


All About Body Oils

Remember the days when body lotions were the In things and oils were looked down upon as they were considered greasy and sticky? Not any more! Body oils have become top favorites to keep skin soft and moisturised especially in winters. You can use coconut oil, sesame oil, almond oil and argan oil etc. to provide nourishment to your skin. Then there are oils that are mixture of variety of oils and other assorted ingredients that provide multiple benefits to skin.

Body oils are especially loved by those who like to steer clear of chemicals. These oils are boon for very dry skin. Organic body oils are the most loved. Buying your body oils from a herbal brand is always a plus.

If you use any usual oil like Parachute coconut oil for your body, you save a lot of money as well.While buying coconut oil from a high end brand like The Body Shop will set you back by quite a lot of bucks. Pick an oil that suits your budget and something that you are comfortable using.

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Do not fall for oils that have too many ingredients especially chemicals. One pure oil or a mixture of a few works amazing. Nowadays most body oils are non-greasy so be sure that your skin will not look slick and dirty with them on.

Benefits of Body Oils

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To state the obvious, body oils hydrate your skin from deep within. Oils form a layer on skin that keeps it protected from harsh environment. Unlike body lotions, the hydration provided by body oils lasts all day long.

Massaging improves blood circulation. When you give a little time to slather on some oil on your skin, it will thank you later.

Body oils provide you relief from aches in bones when massaged well.

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Massage also makes your mind feel relaxed so yes body oils provide relief from stress too.

A little oil goes a long way so you need just a little amount to hydrate your body. Another way to save money.

Different body oils are used for different purposes for therapeutic effects. Well that is the work of experts but if you want to use an oil for your skin on a daily basis, by a good one depending on the hydration needs of your skin.

How To Use Body Oils

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Some oils are used before taking a bath. You can massage them on clean skin and leave for some time. You will not need much hydration after you are done bathing.

For after bath moisturization, apply oil on slightly damp skin. This makes the absorption of the oil quick and the effects last longer.

Some oils are extra light and get absorbed in a jiffy while others may need a few minutes even after you are done rubbing them in. These traces of oil can stain your clothes so make sure that you wait for 5 minutes before getting dressed.

Do you like using Body Oils?

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