All About Brow Extensions


All About Brow Extensions

Brow extension is a newly understood revolution in the makeup world. People are raving high about this new treatment. It is helping women with lesser brow hair look wonderful with transformed eyebrows. So let’s discuss this in detail and see the benefits we can reap from this treatment.

Alike almost every other invention, it has also been invented in Japan.  And people actually are going for training there to learn more about the art of brow extensions. This is just like eyelash extensions but is simpler and painless.

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Why they are essential, is obviously understandable as eye brows define our face and youth. It is a very convenient treatment as you need to trust an expert with it completely. It is done like a normal threading exercise on a massage table. One by one these extensions are placed using a surgical adhesives. It is not dangerous as it is used to heal wounds during surgeries.

How To?

While doing the treatment, you are only relaxing like you do while getting a normal facial done as there is no pain and no itching of nerves like in threading. What you get in the end is flawless eyebrows making you look a lot younger than you actually are with fuller growth. The shape and density is to be decided at best by the expert, you can obviously ask him for a sketch of yours with the fuller brows.

These extensions typically stay for two weeks and if you are extra cautious these may last good three weeks as well.


Also, these extensions fall off after living their life and no one can point out to you since they go back to where you started from. No they do not impact your natural eye brows and they therefore are safe and sound.

Also, it is also possible for the experts to remove them safely in case you are not happy with the treatment or you want to go back to your normal look sans extensions. How convenient! Isn’t it? I mean there is no harm in trying this once. Though it is still not being done.

Hot Eyebrow Trends 2015

Fuller Brows

It is actually quite popular in the United States with most celebrities and women going for it on a casual basis. The trend has been set in by the likes of Kim Kardashian. There is a lot of rage amongst women over fuller brows, little-tamed brows and also highlighted brows.

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With these brows requiring almost 1.5-2 hours of time for a person, it is almost equal to your normal beauty regime in a salon isn’t it? It is priced from USD 75 to USD 350 depending on your depth and brow extension requirement.

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I am sure many of you were compromising on your looks but believe me this sure is a revolution when it is now learnt that it does not harm and can be reversed if not suited. I would definitely suggest you to try it if you are in need of an extension. The best part is you can now copy someone you loved brows of, and get it for yourself within few hours. What would be better than being able to look like someone you wanted to? I mean that surely is a boon for the world to know that this is actually possible and we can get it done and undone at ease.

Did you know about Brow Extensions?

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