All About Brow Waxing


All About Brow Waxing

Brow waxing is trending these days with most women now preferring it over the traditional threading method which pains a lot. Tweezing obviously is a method which mostly fails on account of being a little away from finesse. However, there are a few things one must know about brow waxing before you decide to go for it.

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Brow waxing would hurt like normal waxing

So please prepare yourself. If you think that only tweezing or thread would hurt, please think again! Removal of a hair from its root will surely hurt and there is no escape from that. The only advantage you would have from Brow Wax is that it would pluck many a hair at a go which is not the case with tweezing and thread also plucks all hair in multiple individual attempts.

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Brow waxing would make your skin red

You are also going to have some bit of redness post waxing like we have after arms and legs waxing. So, never go for brow waxing on the day you have to attend some function or event to avoid looking like a cocoon. Also, if you have an event coming up, go for brow waxing at least 3-4 days in advance.

Brow waxing would still require trimming

Brow waxing might still require a bit of trimming even after the wax to clear the unshaped hair so please don’t act surprised or terrified on seeing trimmers in the hand of the person doing your brow waxing. They won’t wax your upper brow hair certainly.

Brow waxing would hurt less with time

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If you are thinking that it is going to hurt this much every time, it is a myth. With time, the pain and the hair growth both tend to reduce. This is because the hair get softer with time and it diminishes the pain as the hair pull out very smoothly and easily more you get this done.

Brow waxing pain is bearable but if not, you may use aspirin or numbing cream Yes! If you think you cannot bear the pain, you can have two aspirins in advance to give away the pain or you could also use numbing creams that would keep you unaffected for much time.

Though let me assure you brow waxing is quite an advanced form and until and unless you are someone with bear like brows, you are sure not to be disappointed as the finesse and the softness are too good. Your skin feels softer and better. Wax also makes your skin a bit moistened than the dryness imparted by the thread.

For the first times, specially, the brow waxing can act as a short cut to lose the extra hair in lesser time. Otherwise with thread or tweezing, the hair do not get reduced by much. The shape of the brows does matter as well. So, if you want to keep your shape intact which is trending at the moment, the best way is to retain the shape using the brow waxing which would make you lose only the extra unwanted hair above your eye keeping your shape intact. Just a word of caution, since the skin on the eye is more sensitive than any other part of our body, we must ensure that we go for a safe and sound mode of waxing and trust only the experts.

Have you ever tried brow waxing?

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