All about celebrity’ Cool kid patches’ styling


All about celebrity’ Cool kid patches’ styling

Howdy fashionistas,

When we look at the fashion trends this year, does it not feel like we have seen all this before!!!
Of course we have it is the 90’s trends that are striking back in full flare and we absolutely love it. The nostalgic selection of chokers, crop tops, pompoms and slogan tees is all good and we all have been able to keep in sync with these trends, but the style game has already moved on to another favorite from the stylish 90’s.  The embroidered patches are the recent trend that almost all celebrity are nailing and we totally love it, especially the cool kid patches.

This trend for sure takes us to our childhood days, when the patch attires were totally in and so are they even now in 2016.


Celebrities are wasting no time and have embraced this trend with all love and oomph.

Alike the celebrities, I too shall waste no time and show you how our favorite celebs flaunted the cool kid patch style.

Anushka Sharma


The Sultan lady seems to be smitten with this trend and gave kid patch styling a chance on her denim jacket. Her entire look has a sense of comfort and chic. The sneakers, jacket, and everything here is all perfectly combined to create a 10/10 comfy look.

Alia Bhatt


I love Alia, be it her style, singing, dancing, or acting. I for some reason could not like her less. But her style game is something that always manages to get me weak in my knees. The patch styling on shorts sets up a really quirky style statement and we for sure love it.

Jacqueline Fernandez


How can we not have the hot PUMA face here! Of lately I have begun to like her a lot, especially the way how she experiments with all sort of looks. The all denim attire with the sensibly done patch styling wins our heart.

Mira Kapoor


Mira Kapoor was spotted in a simple outfit with husband Shahid and her baby. What caught our eyes was the how the patch styling was done on her simply shirt to give the flavor of this recent trend. I tried to bring in a front profile click in this attire, but could not find any.

Isha Gupta


Miss India too loves the return of the 90’s patch trend. This is quite relevant for het this look. Just like it is expected from a diva, she combined two latest trends leather outfits and patch styling, and pulled off the look with a lot of sex appeal. Patch styling is assumed to be fun and comfy, but this lady sure knows to how to run things a little hot in here.

Parineeti Chopra


The bubbly girl of bollywood too embraces this trend but in her own style. She truly looks like a lady straight from the 90’s.

I really love how our celebrities of this era have come up with casual looks and come up with the picture that they too like to be comfy. These were my favorite patch style looks out of all that has been doing the rounds.

I am definitely going to get me a patch style outfit. How about you?


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