All About Cleansing Waters


All About Cleansing Waters


After reading reviews of some cleansing waters on Wiseshe, many of you must be wondering about them. Doesn’t it sound so simple? Water to clean skin. But obviously we can’t rely on plain water for clearing our skin of all the impurities and makeup.

Cleansing waters lie between water and face washes. They are free of detergents and so are better for skin especially the sensitive type.

How do Cleansing Waters Work?

Their is a whole lot of science behind this name. If you studied science, you must be knowing about micelles. These are small droplets made up of balloons with tails. This picture can explain it better.



what is cleansing water

As we can see that the balloons are hydrophilic or water-loving and the tails are hydrophobic or water-hating. These bunches form the basis of cleansing waters. Due to the contradictory natures of balloons and tails, micelles keep forming and breaking. In the process the impurities get trapped inside the micelles and eventually removed when you wipe your face.




Cleansing waters claim to work as a 3 in 1 product- makeup remover, cleanser and toner. They are taken on cotton balls and then the balls are used to wipe all the makeup and dirt from face. There is no need to use water. It is considered to be a gentle substitute for traditional face washes. Moreover wiping stimulates blood circulation and helps in improving skin.

How effective are Cleansing Waters?

Coming to their efficacy, cleansing waters work really well. They are considered to be the best friends of makeup artists, models and above all French ladies.




They can also be used when you botch up your eyemakeup and don’t want to wash whole face to remove it. Just take cleansing water on a Q-tip and wipe-off the mistake. These are also helpful in correcting smudged makeup effectively. Cleansing water refresh the skin instantly.

Cleansing waters are quick and easy to use. They are perfect companions for the girls-on-the-go. Cleansing waters are good news for people with sensitive skin.

Are Cleansing Waters Essential?

Nothing is indispensable girls! In case of heavy makeup and grime, a facewash is needed even after the use of cleansing waters. They are gentle and so are not always suitable to get clean skin.


Cleansing water H20-plus-India

But they are luxurious and a new experience so why not try them at least once.


cleansing water

Cleansing water is a relatively new product and not many brands offer it. The prices are high owing to this fact. It will be really good if more brands come up with it. We will get more options and probably a better deal.

Do you use cleansing water?

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  1. Incredible work Maitri 🙂 anamika’s and ur article have made cleansing water topmost item on my next buy 😉 i wll explore d market n c if i can get an affordable brand here.. thanks for such good writes 🙂

  2. Loved the post Maitri..don’t own a single cleansing water currently..! after this post it seems I am gonna pick one ..! :yes:

  3. Maitri I completely agree that more brands need to launch cleansing waters. An 800 rupee bottle from Vichy doesn’t convince me somehow that it should be bought. I just think I’d rather use rose water – I know that both are really different but somehow I kinda trust a rose water. A cleansing water at a 200 rupee price would however be a different ball game… 🙂

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