All About Cleopatra Makeup


All About Cleopatra Makeup

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How many of you have been complimented by being called Cleopatra the epitome of beauty? None of us can even remotely compete with the tag of Cleopatra, but somehow my grandfather always used to call me Cleopatra whenever I got all dress up in classic Indian attire. And now that he has been gone for 4 months, this post somewhat has a special connection to me, and as always all things special are meant to be shared with you lovelies.

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So here we go ladies, all that you need to know to practice Cleopatra makeup for that special evening!


Start with a flawlessly done base

  • Cleanse, tone and moisturize I know this is not what you guys were expecting to read in a makeup post, but given that the main focus of Cleopatra makeup is a flawless base, the above mentioned steps become unforgettably necessary.
  • Primer to the rescue going for any look be it dramatic or subtle a primer is a must. No exceptions here. Dab on some of your favorite primer potion and prep up your skin for the hidden Cleopatra is you.
  • Conceal and correct we are going for the whole muted lip and cheek look, so you need to get your skin look really flawless. No blemish, no redness, nothing whatsoever; and for that you really need a good dose of a color corrector as well as well-to-do concealer which will camouflage it all.
  • Apply a sheer foundation now that all has been done, all you need is a thin layer of the sheerest of foundations, just to even out your skin tone a bit more. Even a good tinted moisturizer would do, just make sure to choose something which is not matte, instead gives a dewy finish. We don’t want an ashy, dry looking drab-makeup face.

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Go for BOLD, like really BOLD eyemakeup

  • The first step in a bold Cleopatra inspired eye-makeup is grooming your brows. Strong brows were a thing back then, and if you trust me, they are a thing even till this date. Even if you have sparse brow hairs, grab some brow powder or gel (a shade darker than your natural hair) and go fill them up. Avoid pencils, as they tend to look very unnatural and sketchy.
  • Now coming to the tricky part, the cat eyeliner it may be not that tricky for you, but it is for some, undeniably.

Trick 1: use a pen eyeliner to get the precision of pencil, and the sharpness of a liquid eyeliner, without having to mess around with the skimpy brush.

Trick2: Go thin at the inner corners, slightly thickening the wing out at the corners, creating a triangle at the outer corner and filling it in with the slanted tip of your pen.

Trick 3 : If going for a more smoldering kind of a look, line your waterline using the same pen eyeliner, and fill it up using a kohl pencil.

  • Sweep on just the slightest bit of your favorite nude-toned shimmery eye shadow over your entire lid. Try not to go overboard; we want the eyeliner to be the highlight of the entire look. do not let the shadows overpower the makeup.
  • Add on some dramatic lashes this one goes unsaid; dramatic looks are certainly incomplete without the extra flutter of a gorgeous pair of falsies. Make sure to apply a coat of mascara after applying the falsies, just so that there is no evident sign of something extra applied on your lashes.



Go understated with the lips

  • The best bet for a lip makeup when wearing the whole Cleopatra inspired look is to keep your lips to the bare minimal. Wear mattes be it va-va-vrrom reds, hot pinks or even nudes just opt for matte finishes. They look subtler and do not scream for attention.
  • Apart from glossy lips, skip anything shimmery, or with glitter particles in it. Trust me, you want to follow these rules.

So this was all you could do to achieve a perfectly done, yet underrated Cleopatra makeup look. try add some head accessories, some layered jewelery and stuff like that; and you, my pretty babe are good to go.

Have you tried doing Cleopatra like makeup?

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