All About Clown Contouring Technique : Before & After


All About Clown Contouring Technique : Before & After

Hello Wiseshe Beauties,

We have talked a lot about the basic contouring tips and tricks and I have also shared a step by step tutorial on the basic contouring makeupย  as well in the past. Well, nothing is perpetual in the magical world of makeup. New trends of makeup tricks and tutorials surface every now and then. And create a buzz in the Beauty and makeup scenario.

So, I am sure you all must have come across the term Clown Contouring recently. It is one hit topic of interest for the makeup enthusiasts and professionals.

Contouring itself has attracted so many makeup addicts to learn and try the right technique. As it is so powerful as to completely transform the makeup look. The sharp jawline, chiseled cheekbones and pointed sleek nose makes everyone go gaga. And how the basic contouring makes so much difference in making the features of the face look so flawlessly beautiful.

Clown Contouring

Coming back to the topic, a comparatively recent trend has started off as another powerful trend in contouring which has received mixed reactions from makeup artists and professionals all over the world. This is called as Clown Contouring, which is basically a process of basic contouring in which the face is painted with the concealers, contouring creams, blush and given an illusion of a clown’s face and blended together to give a perfectly flawless complexion.

clown contouring makeup

The trend took a storm over the internet when makeup artist Esther Isabel Amado Romo, aka BellaDeLune on YouTube, painted her face to to give a clownish look and then blended away on camera to look absolutely flawless.

Well, since I am a true makeup addict I couldn’t keep myself from trying this new technique and share my views about it to my readers who must be speculating about what this new technique holds for makeup enthusiasts.

Here I have actually tried the Clown Contouring technique and explained the process in a step by step easy to follow way.

My Experience with Clown Contouring-

Clown Contouring is very new and hence should be mastered well before opting to wear it in public because it involves a lot of blending which actually makes the face look flawless and highlight the beautiful features of the face.

In my opinion, Clown Contouring is not too difficult and resembles the usual contouring technique. The major difference is that you need to apply the corrector and contouring products together on the face. It should be in a way which resembles the Clown’s face of painted cheeks, whitish under-eyes, colored nose and like that and is blended all together at last.

I applied the corrector in a clownish way in this technique although I prefer the step by step contouring technique much more than this because once you apply all the items together, blending everything together in a uniform manner seems to be quite tiresome and time taking process.


Well, the end result was quite satisfactory for me so I don’t have any complains with the process. All you need to understand is that your makeup blending should be perfect and quick otherwise you won’t be able to get the perfection.

I hope you like this new trend and the way I have attempted the Clown Contouring makeup! Do share your feedback!

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  1. Hehe.. Dis was Bella LeDune’s answer to all those who ridiculed her for contouring.. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Awesome job Anamika :*

  2. I watched a video on clown contouring the day before you did this post. ๐Ÿ˜› The technique sounds really interesting. I guess I’m getting much interest in makeup nw. So much to learn. ๐Ÿ™‚

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