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Today I will talk about a much used product in our makeup routines (well makeup is incomplete without it until and unless you have flawless skin), yes it’s a concealer!! No doubt everyone wants a flawless and even skin, and nothing beats the results when we use a perfect match concealer. But here in India, as usual most of the drugstore brands don’t have a variety of shades to cater too, only brands like mac, inglot, kryolan, ben nye (it has a concealer wheel with a few correctors) have enough variety that atleast 80% of women can still get a match for them. But anyways, let’s first know about concealers.

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concealers review+best concealers for different skin type

Concealers are the concentrates (thick/runny/creamy) which are heavily pigmented and are supposed to give a uniform coverage on specific areas. These areas are dark circles, blemishes, redness, uneven patchy skin, blue/green veins. Therefore, there are a lot of different types of them to cater to different needs and different skin tones. A few of them are color correctors, for e.g if you have redness due to acne, pimple, rosacea then you can use a green color corrector (it can also be a green colored primer, for e.g NYX studio perfect primer, which is available online). Similarly if you have extremely pale and dull skin (most of us are pale) then a purple color corrector can help you out (nyx has 3 primers, clear/green/lavender).

  • Green: To correct redness.
  • Lavender/purple: To correct yellowness and dullness.
  • Yellow: To correct dark circles, bruises or even blemishes.
  • Peach: To correct any dark veins, spots and even sometimes dark circles.
  • Dark shades: To do soft contouring.
  • White/Light shades: To illuminate face areas, such as highlighting nose bridge or temples of cheeks.

So now let’s concentrate on the type of concealers we have, and what is the perfect match for your skin type 🙂

  • Cream concealers (for dry skin)

The one we get in those generic palettes (for e.g coastal scents, buyincoin palettes or the palettes from the ebay) are cream based concealers. Cream based concealers are best suited to dry skin, and girls who have oily skin should stay away from these. Infact the generic palettes have a few color correctors in them too, so they’re not bad at all, one should only know how to use these. They provide a good coverage and working with’em is really easy as they glide effortlessly. The problem with cream based concealers is that they tend to crease with time and tend to look cakey, and to top it if you have oily skin it will worsen up more. Anyways the outcome and longevity of the product depends on how best a product works according to the different environment, and what all other products you’re incorporating along it.

The best cream concealers available are MAC Studio finish concealer, MAC studio sculpt concealer, Inglot AMC Cream concealer, Kryolan Concealers, nyx jar concealer (shades might not cater to all skin tones).

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concealers review+inglot cream concealer+concealer for dark circles


  • Liquid Concealers (oily/combination)

Now the liquid concealers, are the bets concealers for oily or combination skin. They’re water based, and go on lightly on skin without being too heavy. They usually come in a lip-gloss kind packaging, or even tubes at times and applying them is not troublesome as the packaging is more practical. For some it might be a little light concealer to work with, but you always have colored primer to ensure best results 😉 They don’t crease much, and moisturizes the skin well, so you can skip a moisturizer.

The best liquid concealers you can try are MAC Select Moisture Cover, MAC Select Cover up, MAC prolong concealers, MAC mineralize concealers, Loreal true match concealer, Bourjois Healthy mix concealer etc.

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concealers review+loreal true match blendable concealer+high coverage concealer

Stick/Pencil Concealers (For spot correcting)

These concealers are handy and a better option if compared to cream pot concealers, as the formula is fairly same, i.e creamy and solidified which tends to melt when blended. These also tend to crease with time, and can get cakey and patchy.

Some of the best know stick/pencil concealers are Revlon photoready concealers, colorbar instant cover up stick concealer, lakme absolute white intense concealer stick, Nyx concealer sticks.

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concealers review+lakme absolute stick concealer+best drugstore concealer

concealers review+colorbar stick concealer+best under eye concealer

Powder/Mineral concealer


The mineral based powder concealers are fairly a new deal. They’re lightweight and give a very light coverage in terms of “concealing” flaws. It is good for if you have minimal concealing requirements and if you want to maintain a natural look. But then they won’t do much concealing because our target areas are redness, dark circles and blemishes, which these can hardly cover.

Make sure to set the concealer with a translucent powder, so that the color remains intact and true. Using a colored powder can moreover change your appearance.

So hope you liked this post about the concealers, and do share in your knowledge regarding them.

Also suggest which concealer worked best for you according to your skin type.

Have a good time girls!! 🙂

Godbless!! :-*

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  1. Yet another awesome post Upsi! :yes: This is much needed. I was just thinkin how i’ve never bought a concealer since i havent mastered the dab dab dab technique 😀 Pls suggest a good full coverage concealer for oily skin na :cute:

    • thanku nafi 😀 well, i assume u hv flawless skin ?:-) full coverage concealer, u can try mac studio finish concealer or studio sculpt, but these are heavy concealers, so i cnt really say if they cn irritate oily skin, oh haa and if u can try kryolan, then try their dermablend camouflage concealers 😀 i’v heard gr8 reviews bout them 😀 also if vichy dermablend concealer is available then try it out 😀 we would love to have a review then :-*

      • ahahaa..upsi i have the worst skin imaginable!!! Fullll of blemishes :-(( I have to struggle to maintain it. Thanks for the lovely reccos. Will let u kno if i pick up anything :hug-makeup:

        • ohhh blemishes ?? use aqua marina 😀 😀 😀 also get a nice primer for urself dear :hug-makeup: and if you have stubborn blemishes then toh u shud pakka try kryolan dermablend concealer 🙂 or studio sculpt, although i’m not sure if vichy dermablend concealer’s are available here or not :-/ oh and haa u can also try ben nye concealer wheel in sk1 if your fairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !! 😀 :hug-makeup:

          • aw thanks sooo much sweety. Ive always wanted to try vichy dermablend. Kryolan sounds gud too. Will check out both :-* :kissed:

  2. Upsi………..great post….
    i have a querry…. do we need to apply foundation or something before applying concealor so that it last long?????? :-/ :-/ :-/

    • no its not necessary.some people use concealor underneath foundation some over the foundation as per their preference.

      • ok :yes: :hug-makeup: 🙂 i dnt like applying foundation… i applied it on new year party…. bt foundation laga k mera face or golu molu lag ra tha 😛 😛 😛

        • no no..ayu, maybe right shade nahi mila ya to phir pura blend nahi hua…foundi just makes d skin look more polishes….baki if u hav a golu face like me toh contouring is the answer!:)

    • aayu it depends on the kind of coverage u want 😀 , earlier people used to use concealer first n then, while this actually wipes off the concealer whn u apply foundation, nowadays its opposite, we use foundation first cause 1 needs to give a uniform coverage to the face,and then concealer on target areas 🙂 this ways u dnt spoil ur foundation too, whereas the concealer too stays in place 🙂 :hug-makeup: however u do it just make sure u give enough time to let them set

  3. Nice post n super helpful! I wanted d purple corrector fr my redness UT unfortunately Kryolan did not hav it in stock.. 🙁

  4. very nicely explained upasana! loved reading it..pls do some more posts on basics like foundation, primers, illuminators etc will be very helpful..of course later on eye makeup essentials too as i am big fan of your eye makeup looks!

  5. as soon as i saw the name of the post i knew itswritten by upsi :) always a very helpful post upsi..though im surprised colorbarz concealer pot didnt get featured in the cream concealer range..its very good

  6. I have BM’ed this page.. very helpful..tupsi!
    i only knew a few abt concealers.. now i knw all.. which one is used where.

    Mwaaah chickaa! gr8 going! :-* :hug-makeup: :highfive: :tap-dance: :tap-dance: :tap-dance:

  7. very useful post and thank u so much upasana.. 🙂 🙂 .. always i make a mess while using foundations, as most of them doesn’t cover my dark circles around my eyes… 🙁 🙁 ..
    can u please tell me which liquid concealer i can use (as i have combination skin) for covering the dark circles and uneven skin tone..

    • vijitha if you have really dark circles, then i’d not prefer for you to go for drugstore brands, try select moisture cover and select cover up from mac 🙂 i can;t suggest anything from any other brands like mufe, and i;m not sure about kryolan liquid concealers :-/ so you should go in for mac 🙂 its expensive but definitely worth it !! :yes: hope it helps


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