All About Custom Foundation Pigment Drops And How To Use Them


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Do you ever go to a makeup corner and get confused about the type of base products you want to invest on? Some lack the coverage, some the undertone and many a time you find your newly purchase in your pile of trash because they don’t match your skin tone or they don’t give enough coverage. But not anymore! The makeup world is now coming up with your own custom made foundations (Read Lancome :)) which can give you the exact coverage, undertone or finish that you need. But to be really honest, we all can’t have access to those high-end products and here comes the another alternative – pigment drops. Yes, that chief ingredient which creates the difference in our foundations in terms of coverage and finishes. There are a number of pigment drops available in the market which compels me to dedicate a post solely to those babies. So here we go!

All About Custom Made Pigment Drops And How To Use Them:

Pigment Drops are the sole base on which your whole makeup base depends on. You can add them according to your needs to any of your moisturiser, sunscreen, BB cream or even foundation to get the exact shade and coverage you want.

There are a whole lot of brands that are into the Pigment Drops business but three which we love are –

Clinique Blend It Yourself Pigment Drops

Price: 33$

This product is available in 12 shades with cover a variety of skin tones and undertones. They have all – cool, neutral and warm undertone in their kitty and will cover mostly all skin complexions.

The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops

Price: 1795 INR

This is another pigment drop from the more affordable brand – The Body Shop. The only downside of this product is the colour selection. There are two shades in this range – Lightening and Darkening which won’t cater all skin complexions or undertones to be sure.

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

Price: 44$

This one is really expensive but worth the price. Available in 24 different skin tones and undertones, this cover drops is surely a treasure in your kitty. This caters to every kind of skin tone we have and I am sure everyone will have their perfect choice.

What makes the pigment drops so special?

The pigment drops are not just any pigment drops but are specially manufactured to mix with any kinds of product – water, silicone or oil-based products to give you a perfect finish which blends like a breeze. These pigments are to be used alongside your daily products to give the kind of effect you always wanted on your face that lasts all day long.

How to Use the Cover Drops?


The brand recommends using the products in the following proportions:

One drop for sheer coverage

Two drops for medium coverage

Three drops for full coverage

Four Drops for total coverage.

5 Ways to use the Pigment Drops:

  • Tinted Sheer Moisturiser

For getting that tinted sheer moisturiser effect, just mix a single drop of pigment drops with the regular SPF moisturiser and apply it as a tinted lotion. This will be a great alternative for your regular foundation in summers. 🙂

  • Long Lasting Foundation

For making the foundation last all day long, mix your favourite primer with 1-3 drops of the pigment drops (depending on the type of coverage you need) and then apply all over your face.

  • Dewy Foundation

For that ever impressive dewy foundation effect on the skin, mix 3 drops of the pigment drops with facial oil as per needs to get that glowy look. And this year it is all about that dewy effect!

  • Concealer

concealer highlighter by sleek makeup

For making your own perfect concealer, you need to just add a drop of this pigment to your foundation shade. It will give you a very accurate and stronger coverage which will definitely hide all the imperfections within a second and will give that perfect concealed face.

  • BB Cream

To make the perfect consistency BB cream at your own whims, all you need is a Sunscreen Moisturiser + Primer + 1-3 drops of Pigment drops to get the kind of coverage you want. The sunscreen moisturiser will moisturise the skin giving you sun protection while the primer will keep the BB cream for long and the pigment drops will give you the kind of protection you want. Simple?

That’s all folks! Hope you have enjoyed the post.

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