All About Eye Lash Extensions


All About Eye Lash Extensions

Hello Everyone,

Those batting eyelashes took my breath away!! Yeah I mean that is the story of every girl with a good lash line as eyes speak a lot than words and most of the silent communication in matters of the heart is done by the eyes alone!;-)

Well, I can’t thank my dad for blessing me with his dense lashes although I would have preferred to get his expressive eyes. But well, since I got my mom’s eyes I am not complaining even if they are so tiny winy! 🙂

So coming to the lash story, I have a good lash line so a little bit of mascara on special occasions is good for me and I don’t have to struggle for a voluminous lash line. Recently when my bestie inquired me about fake eye lashes and an easy application, I gave her the link but gave a thought on a step ahead of using fake eye lashes as they tend to keep coming out and then they look really bad. So today I will be sharing what is eye lash extension all about and how is it useful for women who have scanty lashes so as to enhance their looks!

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Eye Lash Extensions-

Eye lash extensions are basically synthetic lashes which are temporary and are applied to the natural lashes one by one to get a fuller and denser lash line without the pain of wearing fake eye lashes every time you step out.

These eye lash extensions just like the hair extensions look absolutely natural and one can hardly recognize the difference between the real and the temporary one.

Time Duration for getting the eye lash extensions-

It takes about 45-90 minutes for a professional expert to get your eye lash extensions done. You will just be asked to lie down a facial/ massage table and close your eyes. The expert will apply an under eye gel pad to cover the lower lash line and the lash extensions will be applied on your upper lash line with each strand of lash one by one.

The volume and length of the lashes will be decide by the expert as they exactly know how much you natural eye lashes can hold the weight of the eye lash extensions.

eye lash extension

Well, these were few of the basic things which one needs to know about Eye lash extension. These are surely the latest trends in the cosmetic Industry and more & more woman are choosing this method of getting a  pair of voluminous lashes.

Easy & natural-

Gone are those days when you couldn’t do much for your beauty, although a natural look is still preferred but if a woman wants to look attractive and beautiful, there is nothing wrong in it. With these synthetic eye lashes you can achieve the natural and attractive eyes with a voluminous lash line. The process is easy and the result is very natural and without any side effects.

Long Lasting-

Unlike fake eye lashes, eye lash extensions last longer until the average cycle of growth of a natural lash is complete which is around 2 months. Only thing is that one needs to get a fortnightly touch up based on the day to day activities involved in the daily life. Our natural lashes fall off every 45-60 days with a new lash and this mainly depends on the surrounding and physical activities like rubbing the eyes too much! If you constantly rub your eyes, the extensions will fall sooner.

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Mascara Application-

Well, mascara is basically used o give a voluminous look to the eyes so if you have got lash extensions already, there is no such need to apply mascara. It is for those who don’t want to get lash extensions done and usually apply mascara for the lengthening & voluminizing effect.

No restriction on activities liking swimming, bathing etc.-

Well, one of the main reasons to get extensions is that you can’t always wear fake eye lashes or roam without a makeup or mascara. With these synthetic extensions, u don’t need to worry about your fake eye lashes falling off or spoiling your mascara. The bonding agent used to bind the eye lashes is waterproof and doesn’t come out so easily.

Using a mechanical eye lash curler-

Well, if you don’t have extensions then also mechanical eye lash curlers tend to make your lashes a little weak and they are more prone to falling. With eye extensions, they are already having a curly shape which doesn’t require any further curling. So. it is usually suggested to avoid using a mechanical eye lash curler and if its is very necessary, use a heated curler instead of that.

I hope you find this information useful!

Have you ever gone for eye lash extension?

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