All About Eye Makeup Contouring


All About Eye Makeup Contouring

Why do we contour our faces? To look more chiseled. It helps in making nose look sharper and cheekbones higher. But did you know that contouring can be used to make eyes look more sculpted as well? You can contour eyes to make them look bigger, rounder and more defined.

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I looked around the web and found out that eye contouring is a makeup artist’s secret. Now the eye makeup contouring secret is yours to make your peepers look better. Here is All About Eye Makeup Contouring that you need to get perfect eyes-

Steps of Eye Makeup Contouring

Prime your eyes as you usually do. Make sure that you let the eye primer dry up completely before moving on to the next step.

Use a light shade of eye-shadow all over the eyelid leaving the crease area. Use the same shade on brow bone.

Use an eyeliner in a darker color on the upper and lower lash line. You can also use a dark shade of eye-shadow for the purpose. Apply eyeliner as per your eye shape. Leave the inner corners without any eyeliner so as to make your eyes look brighter.

Then take a dark colored eyeshadow and use it on crease.

Now take a medium shade of eye shadow and and apply it a little above the crease.

Blend well to remove any harsh lines.

Darken the lash line color and touch up your crease.

Use a nude eye pencil to brighten the water line.

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These are the easy steps for eye contouring. Do not forget a few coats of mascara.

Did you know about eye makeup contouring?

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