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 Hey lovely ladies, I know I’ve been very inactive lately and I miss you guys so much all the while when am occupied with other things. Well I’m having a lot of projects at hand and no time πŸ™ ohk so now πŸ˜› there’s a good news and am excited about it, thought to share with you guys too πŸ˜€ am gearing up for my first ever fashion show ^_^ and that is eating up all my time πŸ™ I still squeezed some time out for all my gorgeous buds over here and tadaa! here I’m with a lil info about face illuminators.
Illuminator make up


It’s just what it’s name says, yes, it is an illuminator specially created to highlight certain areas of your face/body to make you look radiant. okay, highlighter is a lot less complex name for the same thing.Many a brands have come up with illuminating creams, pens and powders. Unlike highlighters, they do not have a considerable amount of shimmers but more of light reflecting particles. Highlighter shows up and highlights your face but illuminator glows when the light falls on it reflecting rays and making you look radiant.


An illuminator can turn give that glow you always wanted when used properly. Using it is nothing less than a piece of cake once you get used to it. It’s real simple, look into the mirror and make sure sunlight or your room light falls on your face, The areas where the rays hit your face first are the ones you where you need the illuminator, just like the centre forehead, brow bone, nose bridge, cheek bones, cupids bow and chin too. apart from that, illumintaor is also used on areas of your body like collar bones, cleavage, arms and legs. And an illuminator can make your arms and legs appear slimmer and more slender πŸ˜›


Now you know where you need to use it, it’s best to stick to pens, but in case if you are using cream or powders then you need to be little careful. Apply it directly on the above mentioned areas are blend, that’s it. You don’t really need much effort!


The illuminator has to be used after creating your perfect base, something like Primer-foundation-concealor-illuminator, then you can start with your usual make-up.
Although it’s all upto your preferences, but pen form is more preferred as it is easy, more precise in application and there are less chances of any faux pass.
Highlighters and illuminators are more or less the same thing, but highlighters come in lot of shades, they contain a bit more shimmer particles and are usually in powder form where as illuminator comes in your skin color, contains less visible shimmers but reflects light and come in powder, liquid and cream forms.
Illuminators are often used before foundation too, But I don’t get the point, why do you want to illuminate your whole face πŸ˜› It only looks good when certain areas that glow beautifully whenever light falls on you.
Illuminators don’t really need much blending but make sure you don’t end up the application in streaks.
Illuminating concealer? ohkay so these are mostly used to highlight the under eye area (highlighted under eyes of kim kardashian fame) and it is even good for the darker areas such as around the nose and mouth, stubborn and more apparent scars which after using illuminating concealer will reflect any light rays falling on them.


Things you need:
  • an oil free moisturiser, light texture and thin consistency.
  • a champagne blush/eyeshadow or a highlighter powder.
  • face powder a shade lighter than your skin tone.
Mix all three of them in the ratio 3:2:1 and store in a jar, use with a brush. (make sure the glitter particles in the highlighter are finely milled and not chunky)  Few easily available illuminating pens in the market currently are Colorbar Illuminating Pen  and Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer

Hope it was of some help πŸ™‚

You can buy Colorbar Illuminator Pen from Flipkart here

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    • Thanq dear πŸ™‚ I am glad I was of some help, Btw I’ve stopped shopping online πŸ˜› It’s a different pleasure picking products off the counter πŸ˜€

    • lol thanq πŸ˜› You’ll see the difference once you start using one, it really helps in giving your face a definition by highlighting your features.

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