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We all swear by face packs or masks. I keep trying Shahnaz and Biotique face mask every now and then. Though I havent reviewed many as I haven’t come across any exceptional face mask from both the companies. Recently one of the sales assistant gave me a brief of all the face masks which i thought of sharing it with wiseshe readers.
*Clay and mud mask-These face masks are needed by oily skin as they help in absorbing the excess oil and impurities from the skin. Help in shrinking pores and removes the shine away from your face. Helps in removing blemishes these mask dries out in 10 -15 minutes. Most of the clay masks are advised to be washed with warm water and helps in removing skin impurities and dirt from the skin.
*Moisturizing masks-These packs are suited for dry skin as they increase the moisture level of your skin. So those who are suffering from fine lines. Flakiness or dry patches can use these masks. They work quiet fast and have to be removed within five ten minutes. Generally these masks leave a slight residue on the skin which stays till the skin is cleansed .They are great to use when your skin feels tight or particularly after sun bathing.
*Peel of masks-Peel off masks are fun to use and helps in refreshing oily area. They are suitable for all types of skin as they clean clogged pores and nourished the skin too.
*Gel masks-Meant for sensitive or oily skin, these face masks gives a soothing and a cooling effect. These packs relax you too especially after going under the sun for long time. If your skin gets irritated quiet fast then these are the masks for you.
*Exfoliating masks-Almost all skin suffers from dead skin cells which create a dull look and if not treated on time can create lot of problem. Exfoliating masks are a perfect solution for this type of problem. After applying the masks it is left to dry and when rinsed the tiny particles (dead skin) wash them away.
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