All About Face Painting


All about face painting

Face painting is great fun for people of almost any age. Coloring my face with different hues was probably the first makeup I did as a child. I love life and art and the proof was my face. Butterflies, stars, sun, moon, cats, dogs, fairies, ghosts, witches, I loved painting my face. But it is not only me who loved having their faces pained. From little kids to sophisticated young ladies, face painting fever has spared none. It’s all about feeling festive and special. Right? Thus, from birthday parties, proms, bridal showers and wedding receptions to office parties, fundraisers, fraternity parties, festivals and fairs, face painting is very much welcomed and people enjoy it to the core.

Face painting with different colors, assorted glitters and rhinestones, in addition to an ever expanding design line, enhance a festive mood at any celebration.


What exactly is face painting??

Common at festivals and parties for children, it is basically applying a design to the face using brushes and paints which are suitable for use on the skin. Make sure the paints used are non-toxic. It was traditionally painted on children, but as I said, nowadays even adults go for fun face paintings. If hired a professional face painter, the designs may vary based on prices. The simpler, the cheaper. It can be as simple as a simple butterfly on the cheeks using just 2-3 colors or as complex as a whole scenery with many shades of color or a full leopard mask with detailed spots.

How to choose what to paint

Generally faces are painted keeping the festival or occasion in mind. Sometimes pictures are drawn based on the occasion or dress one is wearing and sometimes designs are drawn randomly that matches the mood and habit of the person. Many are happy with just a nose and some whiskers painted on to look like their favorite animal, while some wants elaborate designs.

Who can paint?

One doesn’t have to be a professional face painter to create fun designs that children love. If it is just for fun, then anybody could do it. But generally some professional face painters are hired for the job, because they would understand the need better, could create face designs that would complement the occasion or festival and also would complement the costumes. An animal design tends to have many shades of color and be very detailed.

It takes a great deal of practice to be able to work with the contours of the human face and create an animal face from it. Being able to blend the face paint colors well enough to look realistic also takes a lot of practice, says famous face painter Cami Johnson. So if you are not a very good artist, you need a professional painter to do the job.

What does a face painting kit include?

Face painting kits usually include all the basic colors and brushes that one needs for making the designs. Some of the kits also contain stencils. Stencils can come in varied shapes and sizes. Animal designed stencils are very popular, but detailed witch, monster, and fairy princess designs are also widely available. These face painting kits are easily available in the market or online and can usually be used to good effect by non-professional face painters if the brush techniques required aren’t too difficult.

What to choose, Waterproof or Washable Paints??

The colors that are used are generally slightly water resistant and come up with just soap and water. This is because many children, especially if they’re already exhausted after an event, don’t have the patience to wait while you struggle to remove layers of paint. Thus simple face painting designs that are quick to wash off are lot more fun for kids.

However, if you are an adult, you can definitely go for waterproof paints. They stay intact for hours and hours. I once had my face painted with waterproof paints and it stayed without a little budge for 15 hours at a stretch. After that I had to struggle really hard to remove them.

Painting faces can add to the festive feeling of an event or party. But keep the following points in mind:

  • Make sure the paint is non-toxic.


  • Some people may be sensitive to some or all of the ingredients within the products used, thus do a patch test if possible.
  • Children should always be accompanied by elders.
  • Make sure artwork doesn’t smudge. If it is washable, stay away from water.
  • If your face painting is waterproof, don’t be too harsh on your skin to remove it. Use a cotton ball dipped in makeup remover to remove every traces of paint. Then wash off with mild face wash. Don’t forget to apply toner and moisturizer after cleansing.

Happy painting your face!

Have you tried Face Painting before?

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