All About Fake Body Piercings


All About Fake Body Piercings

Recently there has been lots of people who have given a thought about different body piercings! Well, the most two common piercings that we get to see in nowadays is the ear & the nose piercing! And these two piercings have an important place for women in Indian context. There are several castes which require a girl to get her nose & ear pierced at the time of her marriage to adorn the symbol of her virtue as a married women. Not all but it still prevails in many traditional setbacks!

fake body percing

Well, here we are not going to talk about these two piercings but actually Body Piercings! Usually we have spotted mainly female rock stars and other rebellious artists adorn the different form of body piercing to give and edgy dark look which is a characteristic of their personality. Well, I am sure many of us are not too happy to see such weird looking body piercing here merely for attention seeking!

fake body jewellery

Several body piercings are nowadays manufactured which do not require any kind of actual piercing but are fake and give an impression of an actual. There are a variety of body piercing for different body parts and here we will get to know all about the body piercings available these days.

Here are some features of these hugely popular fake piercings-

  • There are so many girls who so wish to get pierced but end up with horrible skin infections or wounds due to the actual piercing that they tend to drop the idea. For them fake body piercing are just like an ultimate and pain-free option.
  • With so many fake piercing jewellery available these days one can go all edgy for their look without actually undergoing the process of piercing on sensitive areas like naval area, lips, eye brows, nasal septum etc.
  • These fake piercing jewellery doesn’t require any actual piercing or pain caused by that. It s also temporary and can be taken out if you no longer wish to wear it!

fake nose piercing jewellery

  • Now if you haven’t done any kind of body piercing and absolutely love wearing studs on the ears or the nose then these fake body piercings will give that perfect look you wish to achieve. Magnetic Earrings and studs are perfect for ears, nasal septum and lips. Those spring hoops are great options for ears, nose, lips and septum!
  • The best thing about these fake piercings is that no one knows that these are fake from a distance unless you tell them! I actually believed my hubby’s ear lobe fake piercing ring to be actual when we started seeing each other! 😉
  • So now you don’t have to worry about the scolding from your parents for the naval piercing ring! And they are happy as long as its fake and doesn’t cause any kind of infection.

fake belly piercing

So these were some of the common features and prevalent things about fake body piercings! Hope you like them!

Have you tried any fake body piercing?

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