All About Festive Face Stickers


All About Festive Face Stickers

With Halloween approaching, face stickers and face art will become the norm of the month. Face stickers are nothing but creative rendition to how you feel to celebrate. It is not that you should connect it only to Halloween; people get face stickers for other celebrations, theme parties, Christmas, New Year etc. People celebrate even Thanksgiving parties abroad are usually with these face art forms.

These could be in any form. A 3D sticker, a Tattoo which could again be permanent or temporary, a face mask or a face lace or face glitters or may be face paints.

A peek for you below to enhance your knowledge on face stickers post which you may decide which one to use for the Halloween or for the Christmas Theme party. Please choose as per your desire, even if it’s as wild as these stickers themselves 😀

Eye Stickers:

nice stick

These come in handy if you have to get ready for Halloween or a normal rave party. With Christmas approaching, these are also useful for any theme party as well. You could check and choose various color and design options available online.

Eyeshadow Eye Liner Sticker:

Eye liner

There are eye shadows and eye liner stickers that help you look the gravest possible on Halloween. These are widely popular abroad and are quite a hit with women due to feasibility

3d Stickers:

nice sticker

Available in to 2D and 3D form, these stickers are quite beautiful and are a way to enhance your look for that rave party or for the festive season.

Face Laces:

lace india

These are available in peel off style wherein you just need to peel them off your face after sticking it in for some time. Also these are usually famous for Halloween. These are not that popular in Asia as of now but are a sure shot in Europe and the US. Why not start the trend here?

Face and Body Glitter Stars:

indian Face Laces

Another easy way to add glitters to your face and body. These glitters are easily applied using Vaseline or any simple cream and can also be washed off easily using water.

Face Paint:


These are available in all colors of blue, red, black and maroon. Quite trendy and fashionable to be worn during festivities.

Face Tattoos:

how to paint face

The most common form of Halloween celebration is to apply these temporary tattoos. Available in various shapes, sizes and designs, these are quite popular across countries amongst the youth. These are suitable for children also due to its non-toxic and soft nature. These are easily usable and are also removed easily. Available in various themed shapes, these are quite popular in the West and are gaining ground in Asian countries. A must try this festive!

Neck Tattoos:

tatoo at neck

These vampire cut or bruised neck tattoos are available online for that fab and near-life Halloween look. These are too attractive and shall make you stand out for sure.

All these face stickers are easy to be used and come with a guarantee of not harming your skin. These are widely used and tested for their safety. One can also be sure of removing them easily but the instructions on the packets are not to be ignored. Also, most of these are available online only so if you are looking to buy these, do that well in time.

Have you tried any of these face stickers?

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