All About Garra Rufa Fish Pedicure


All About Garra Rufa Fish Pedicure

A few years ago something mysterious and curious were drawing customers to the Naturals Unisex Salon and Spa in India’s southern Chennai. Even men were curious about it. It was nothing but the famous Garra Rufa Fish pedicure that got introduced to India after being widely raved by people throughout the world. Yes, fishes have emerged as new age beauty experts in the town.


Gurra fish pedicure


What is Fish pedicure?

This might sound weird at first, but the Garra Rufa fish pedicure is becoming quite a rage now-a-days. The Garra Rufa fish, also known as Doctor Fish, have long been used around the world to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis as they suck and eat dead skin cells. Started with pedicures only, but now there are full body treatments as well. Yes, by dipping yourself in a pool of Garra Rufa fishes, it treats your arms, legs and face as well; it’s a full body treatment. The fishes will make you rough feet as smooth as baby’s bottom only by nibbling on dead skin. They cover your skin with their saliva which is known to treat skin and make it soft and smooth.


pedicure treatment


The procedure:-

In a basic session, you have to remove shoes and socks and then roll up your trousers before the assistant cleans and sanitizes the feet. Then plunge your feet into the fish tank in front of your seat.


fish pedicure salon


You’ll see hundreds of fishes swarming around as soon as you dip your feet into the tub. At first it might feel scary and weird at the thought that the fishes are eating your feet up 😛 , but you get accustomed with time and it gives you a tickly sensation which actually feels pretty pleasant as the little garra rufa fishes nibble away at the dead skin cells leaving fresh healthy and smooth skin behind.


gurra fish for pedicure treatment


Price:- From INR 300 to 1500

Things to worry about:-

  • If you feel it is their habit to nibble and eat dead skin, then you are wrong. They are made to do so, they are left unfed for hours and days even so when you dip your feet they start sucking and peeling off skin in search of food. THIS IS COMPLETELY INHUMAN.
  • Fish pedicures may carry bacteria responsible for a variety of skin infections. “Cosmetology regulations generally mandate that tools need to be discarded or sanitized after each use. But epidermis-eating or skin nibbling fishes are too expensive to throw away”.

My thoughts..!!

Well, I didn’t go for this pedicure session solely because I am against the fact that the little souls are kept hungry for days so that they rush to you in search of food as soon as you plunge your feet into the tank. Yeah, I was even mocked at for my thoughts. But it is my personal matter, right?

A fish pedicure or manicure offers a unique ticklish and lively experience to those who indulge in it. Go for it if you don’t have any issues with the “things to worry”. Go to a quality beauty salon with good hygiene standards.

Have you experienced Garra Rufa Fish Pedicure?

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  1. I got this done once and the fish didn’t feast on my feet. . Reason I had got a pedicure just a day before and there was no dead skin and my feet was no more appetising to them 🙁
    I dint know the hungry fish part. That’s bad.


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