All about Greek Yogurt Beauty Benefits


All about Greek Yogurt Beauty Benefits

I am sure you all are aware of Greek yogurt but for those who are not, Greek yogurt is a yogurt which is rich in good probiotics and has double of proteins with less lactose content compared to the normal yogurt. It is very good to treat a lot of problems that we face regarding our hair and skin. It is a natural solution to many problems that we otherwise struggle with and keep finding solutions to. So today let me get you through these problems and the feasible solutions using Greek Yogurt.

Gaining inches in your waistline, try Greek Yogurt:-
Yes, I am sure most of you are trying to deal with it day in and day out – increasing waistline. Well, Greek Yogurt is an easy way to deal with it as it is a rich source of iodine and it is much needed for your thyroid gland to work smoothly. Many of us have high thyroid levels leading to weight and inches gain. Consuming this natural iodine content helps a lot specially because lactose has been drained out from it.

It is a great moisturizer

Greek yogurt works wonder to moisturize your skin. Use it plainly or with honey to prepare a mask. This can help you retrieve your skin’s natural moisture and retain the glow back. You can also create even more effective masks by adding lemon juice and blueberries to your mask. You can also use products made from Greek yogurt for your skin.


It is an effective conditioner:-

Greek yogurt can be a very effective deep conditioner that would help your hair regain their lustrous feel. The texture also shall improve with regular usage. It works well on your hair to clean the roots and scalp and make it free of dandruff and flakes etc. it also works on detangling and nourishing your hair for that extra shine.

diy multani mitti & curd pack after effect on hair
It helps fight acne:-

It is known by experts to fight acne by not letting it seep through the skin. It is also known to provide a good healing to blemishes which are already there on your skin.

It is a good exfoliator:-

Try making scrubs using walnut or coffee with Greek Yogurt and see the difference your skin feels after one or two uses itself. You would feel the goodness when your skin gets supple thanks to that extra cream which it has over the normal yogurt.

It is good for weight loss:-

Trying to lose weight but cannot win over the cravings? Try eating this over your normal snack for like twice a day and you would see your urge to eat more die. You would feel fuller and reduce weight naturally even when you do not get time for that hefty workout. But hey, workout is essential too and for better results, it is much needed.
With so many benefits, I guess Greek Yogurt has a lot of beauty benefits. In addition to these, we should encourage more use of it for our consumption as well as it would ensure we are enriching our body with right amount of protein with lesser sugar. We would also be working on enhancing vitamin B12 in our body apart from many other necessary nutrients which work over many diseases including thyroid and cancer. So, go for it girls!

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