All About Hair Bleaching And Its Effects


All About Hair Bleaching And Its Effects

If you are getting your hair color lightened, you are bleaching it. There is no other way to make hair appear a few shades lighter. Bleaching hair gives you a new look whether you get just highlights or go global. With the new look comes damage if you are not careful.

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First things first, ‘no ammonia’ and ‘no peroxide’ colors are basically misleading. Bleaching is done by oxidation and ammonia & peroxides are the most commonly used chemicals for the purpose. If a color brand is not using any of these chemicals then they must be using some other oxidizing agent which has got be equally if not more damaging to hair. The point is that proper hair care is necessary whatever hair bleach you use.

Side Effects of Bleaching Hair And How To Avoid Them

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Dryness And hair Fall

The process of bleaching raises the cuticles so as to stimulate better absorption of bleach. This also leads to loss of moisture from hair. Also now the hair become more porous and extra sensitive to any other hair treatment like heat styling. Bleached hair are weeker and so are more susceptible to hair fall.

To deal with this problem, deep conditioning treatments are mandatory once a week as to flatten the raised cuticles. It will supplement the much need moisture and will keep hair elastic.

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When the bleach is applied to hair, there is every possibility that it will come in contact of scalp. This can cause tingling sensation or even burning due to chemicals. There can also be discoloration of scalp if it comes in contact of bleach but the scalp gets its natural color back in some time.

It is better to get your hair bleached at a good salon or do it yourself only if you are an expert at it. Make sure to do a sensitivity test on a small patch of skin before you take color anywhere near your hair.

There are pros and cons of everything but we do not stop doing things we like. Same is true for bleaching hair. Bleached hair look beautiful and give you a complete makeover. Go ahead with the process but make sure that your hair is in the hand of experts. Doing it yourself especially if you are a newbie might save some bucks but it also has more potential to damage your hair and looks.

Have you got your hair bleached?

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