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Dr. Ankita,

What is Hair Conditioner – Conditioning is a procedure of attaching a sort of fixer on the hairs so that the peeling is removed and the hair shaft returns to normal strength. By definition, a hair conditioner is a hair care product that alters the texture and appearance of human hair. A conditioner can also be called a shine enhancer which will improve the texture and make them more easily manageable. Conditioners are generally used after applying shampoo on hair.

Best Hair Conditioner

Some known and lesser known facts about conditioners, their usage/types/effects –

When the hair becomes dry, the outer layer of hair shaft (cuticles) peels off from the central     shaft. Many types of conditioners are available in the market to address these problems. For example –

  • There are hair conditioners which you can directly apply and wash your hair without needing shampoo.
  • For some conditioners, you have to apply them for some time on your hair before rinsing.
  • Dry, damaged and brittle hair need deep conditioners. Deep conditioners have protein in them and it needs to be applied for even longer time.
  • Cream or liquid conditioners soften the hair to enable smooth combing and brushing. They’re the products which you often see on TV claiming to untangle the locked and frizzed hair.
  • Conditioners are also available based on hair type – dry or oily.
Natural Hair Conditioner /Homemade Hair Conditioner

Using hair conditioners too frequently on hair turns them greasy. In that case, apply light conditioners only at the end of the hair. Here are some natural conditioners –

  • Olive oil is a wonderful conditioner for dry hair. Apply olive oil and massage the scalp. Leave the oil on the scalp for fifteen minutes and wash hair with shampoo. According to an ancient greek belief, olive oil is supposed to be the best hair oil. After applying olive oil for about 15 minutes, steam the hair by wrapping a hot water towel. It will give excellent shine to your hair.
  • Egg is natural hair conditioner for dry hair. You can use egg on the hair to help dry hair get moist. Beat a fresh egg in half cup of warm water. Apply this beaten egg on the hair and leave it for ten minutes and then rinse out. Egg conditioner can be applied before shampoo too.
  • Sour curd is an excellent hair conditioner that  makes the hair softer and brings back the shine. It also helps is reducing hair fall. Apply a sour curd about 2-3 days old and let it remain on the hair for atleast half an hour and then rinse the hair clean.





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